Senator Joe Schiavoni 


NOT a Rumor Rumor


For reasons unknown, sources are not telling 3rd Rail that Senator Joe Schiavoni (D- we forget) is dropping his long shot bid for the Democratic nomination for Governor. 


With the media attention, money, and momentum behind the Cordray-Sutton ticket in the D’s primary, and some other better known entrants into the race, 3rd Rail’s tip line is inexplicably free of any scoop that Schiavoni and his maybe if it’s possible even less well know running mate are calling it quits. 


Best known for being the Senator who did not even realize the State had taken over his local school district until it was all over, Schiavoni  evidently is not confiding to his inner circle that his campaign is toast. 


Sources have not yet revealed to 3rd Rail that Schiavoni is packing it in to join fellow Youngstownian Marc Dann in an obscure ambulance-chasing chop shop law firm. 


3rd Rail will continue to not follow up on these as-of-yet non-existent rumors.