Meet the Chairman:  Abraham J. Sandy, Republican Club of Dayton & American's for Christ Movement


1) How did you get involved in Republican politics and Americans for Christ Movement?


I have always been interested in politics and realized I was a Republican when Obama was President. I was a Director for Students for Trump at Waynesville High School for the spring of 2016. I moved on to help with the local campaign for Trump, knocking on doors, and making calls for Montgomery and Warren County. I was sworn into the Montgomery County GOP Central Committee in June of 2017 representing Precinct Dayton 20-A. I was in Washington DC in June 2017, for the Road to Majority conference and met many public figures such as Joshua Feuerstein. While I was there I was talking to them about Americans for Christ Movement, that is how Americans for Christ connects with politics.


2)  Tell us about the Republican Club of Dayton? 


I started the Republican Club of Dayton in November of 2017, and we have our first meeting on January 31st. The goal of the organization is to turn the City of Dayton into a Republican City. Our city is run by established Democrats who act like they listen to the people, but they work for their own special interests and agendas. We need Republicans who want to listen to the people and build our community. I talk to many people within the community, and they are sick of people like our Mayor Nan Whaley and wonder why she is not making the city better. The people that are building our city are the small-business owners such as my father who is the founder of Extra Mile Fiber. Our city is slowing growing, and that is all because of Trump's pro-business agenda. We see many companies starting up in Dayton, and that is great for our city.


3)  Do you work in tandem with the Montgomery County GOP?


We work side by side with the Montgomery County GOP. Co-chair Kathy Neiheisel is a big help to the club.We recruit people within the party, and once the summer starts we plan to do a lot of  door to door so we can show that it is not a shameful thing to be a Republican. Within Dayton, especially the schools, students are shunned because they are a Republican.  They are called "Sexist," "Homophobic,"  and "Racist" because they associate these qualities with Republicans. Republicans are none of those things, and we actually want to help everyone.


4)  Tell us about the Americans for Christ movement and what led you to create this organization?

I started Americans for Christ Movement in March, 2014 after seeing God's Not Dead in the theater. I felt a move of the Lord telling me to go into the community and help bring people to Christ. I thought and prayed about it a lot in the following weeks. The name Americans for Christ came to mind, and I created an Instagram and Facebook account. I slowly started to gain followers and likes, mostly from friends and family at first. I helped people in hard times by posting verses and inspirational posts everyday on the bus to school. I got a lot of responses, and people kept telling me I was doing God's work. Through the years, I have not been consistent on social media, but we have a Twitter account now. After my girlfriend and I started dating I wanted to make it into a real organization. Soon we are going to join forces with our church and go out into the community.  We plan to have dinners for the poor and homeless. We want to collect blankets and helpful items that the homeless can use.


We want to help single mothers in the form of giving them baby food, diapers, and everything a baby needs. We have not recruited members yet because we have not gotten a 501 c 3 or 4 yet. We have two members my girlfriend, Tricia Johns, and myself. Once we get become a nonprofit we plan to recruit people within the church eventually we want to grow people from within the community to become leaders within the organization.


Our biggest accomplishment is gaining so many supporters within the community and the church.


My biggest success within the organization is that I kept pushing through the tough times in my personal life to keep the movement going.


Our biggest challenge is that we do not have a budget yet and do not have the money to become a 501 c 3 or 4.


Website: Social Media: @AmerforChrist on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


5)  Trump's campaign brought a large number of new voters into the party, did your organization grow during the campaign and if so what are you doing to keep these individuals engaged?


We were not around during Trump's campaign, but we plan on keeping members by getting them involved and keeping them informed. We plan on bringing local candidates as well as statewide candidates in to speak to the club.


6) How does the Republican Club of Dayton support candidates?


The Republican Club of Dayton supports candidates by inviting them to a meeting.  We endorse candidates and volunteer to be a part of their team. 


7) What has been your personal biggest accomplishment?


The biggest accomplishment as the Director for the Republican Club of Dayton is that we are having a very special statewide candidate to speak to the club. I am very excited to announce the candidate at the meeting on January 31st. The only hint I will give is that this candidate has not been to Montgomery County yet in the campaign.


My personal accomplishment, in politics, is joining Mike Gibbons' campaign as his Montgomery County co-captain, and we will be having a Town Hall coming up soon.



8) Why should citizens become involved in the Republican party?


Citizens should get involved with the Republican Party because we are listening to the people and want to help improve their lives. We want to lower unemployment, lower taxes, fight for the unborn, fight for the Constitution, and fight for each citizen in this county. It all starts locally.


Website: Social Media: @RepClubDayton for Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook