3rd Rail Statehouse Santa Survey


Naughty or Nice, Lump of Coal, MIstletoe, Ugly Sweater Contest and more, it's Christmas at 3rd Rail, and the results of our Statehouse Santa Survey are jingle jingle fun. Here are the results we can print!



Pictured: Pastor Thomas Wise


Pastor Thomas Wise is your pick for best Statehouse Santa. He has been praying over our legislators for years and makes the perfect St. Nick!

We had a few write-in's as well, including: Ray DiRossi, Brooke Cheney (I'd love to see that!), Representative Romanchuck, and Wes Goodman (? hmmm).



Sorry Speaker, it looks like you might be getting a lump of coal this year.




A sampling of our write-in responses:  Justice Bill O'Neill, Ohio Taxpayers for lower drug prices, All of them they deserve it, Representative Larry Householder, Representative Keith Faber, Former Ohio GOP Chair Matt Borges, and 3rd Rail.  Someone better get Murray Coal on the phone - it looks like they will need to step up their production.




Pictured: Mr. Mistletoe, Ben Kaiser

Ben Kaiser squeaked out a win with Hunter Wright and Doug Preisse close behind.  Many of the write-in responses were too racy even for 3rd Rail.  Here is a sampling of the printable responses:  The one and only Merle Madrid, A woman, none, not happening, Andrew Minton, This feels like sexual harassment, Mike Carroll, Seems like a bad idea in this environment..., Tom Pappas, and Matt Davis.  



Pictured: Jeff Jacobson

Jeff Jacobson won the Ugly Sweater Contest.  Jeff, we are praying for you and your family at this difficult time.  

Chris Albanesse, Terry Fleming and John Mahaney made a good showing too.

Write-in reponses include:  Doug Preisse, Chip Gerhardt, Troy Judy and good old Lynn Watchman.




Representative Bill Seitz handily won for best egg nog "receipe".  3rd Rail reached out to the Representative and asked him which ingrediant he preferred in his egg nog?  Seitz reponded, "No recipe to share, but as hard as it might be for your readers to believe, I prefer non-alcoholic egg nog with a little nutmeg sprinkled on top."  


While Governor Kasich won this one handily, Neil Clark and Bob Klaffky made a good showing.  Cyndy Rees, Editor of 3rd Rail recieved a write-in, along with her good friend Senator Peggy Lehner. Ho, Ho, Ho!

Governor John Kasich 

Wow, our readers are hilarious, but we should keep in mind that some things are too risque even for 3rd Rail.  Top responses are:  Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, former Representative Wes Goodman, Justice O'Neill and former Senator Cliff Hite.  Honorable mentions:  Too many to list but you are doing a good job pointing them out, Governor Kasich, Representative Wes Retherford and 3rd Rail Editor, Cyndy Rees with a complimentary lmao next to her name.  

Supreme Court Justice William O'Neill

Representative Christina Hagan

Representative Christina Hagan tops the NICE LIST big time, and we agree, she is lovely.  

Other responses include: Team Householder. They’re mean but necessary to fix this f#%@*&G mess, Representatives Rick Carfagna, Terry Johnson, Mike Duffey, Senator Joe Uecker Representatives Ryan Smith, Jim Butler, Tim Ginter, Senator Kris Jordan, Sean O'Brien, AG Mike DeWine, Representative Dorothy Pelanda, Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, and 3rd Rail Editor, Cyndy Rees.


We had a very interesting and eclectic response for this question. Will one of these be your Secret Santa too?: Ginni Ragan, former Representative Jim Buchy, Representative Bill Seitz, Speaker Batchelder, Speaker Householder, Christian Pancake, AG Mike DeWine, Representative Anne Gonzales, Senator John Eklund, Zach Holzapfel, Senator Jay Hottinger, Tim Lanzendorfer, Rob Scott, John Campbell, Ian Christie, and Representative Mike Duffy.  

We had a few bah humbug responses as well: I️ hope it’s Rosenberger. Maybe I️ could get some Vineyard Vines goodies. Something for all the money donated for sh#% leadership. And then there is the edited version of this comment:  Whoever nails Cliff Rosenberger...  Hmm, Speaker Rosenberger may be sharing his lump of coal this Christmas. 

Let's hear it for Secret Santa and the Statehouse Santa Survey!!!!


We hope everyone enjoyed this survey, and that you all enjoy this magical time of year.