3rd Rail Survey Results:  Husted vs. Renacci

By Cyndy Rees


Last Sunday we asked our readers if the Republican primary were limited to only Secretary of State Jon Husted and  Congressman Jim Renacci, whom would you support? And, of the two candidates whom do you believe best represents political conservatives?

The results are in:

Of the two candidates, respondents believe 62.73% to 37.27% that Jon Husted is the more conservative of the two candidates.




If the GOP primary were between Husted and Renacci respondents support Husted 64.10% to 35.90% for Renacci.  




Joshua Eck, Jon Husted's Communications Director, gave this statement to 3rd Rail regarding the survey results.

“Jon Husted is the most consistent and leading conservative voice in Ohio, and our campaign is very proud of the support we’ve received in the Republican Party. I’m confident that not only do voters trust him as a conservative leader, they know he is the only candidate in the race for Governor who has the energy and ideas to help us win a brighter future for all Ohioans.”