Franklin County Republican Party Treasurer John Rosan responds to Page 3 Rumor

By Cyndy Rees


John Rosan, the Franklin County Republican Party’s Treasurer, contacted 3rd Rail Politics regarding an anonymous tip we reported on as part of Page 3 on Friday, October 6, 2017. 

The tip had pointed out that John’s wife, Kristin Rosan is compensated by the party to provide certain accounting services.  The story included screen-shots of the party’s “Statement of Expenditures,” revealing multiple payments to Ms. Rosan and noted that in 2016, payments included eight checks totaling over $10,000.00.

Treasurer Rosan, who is listed on the Franklin County party’s website as the Treasurer and an executive committee officer, indicates to 3rd Rail that his party service is “voluntary,” and that he is “not authorized to write checks to anyone.”

He also points out the Gahanna GOP raised this issue in late September, and the county party responded—pointing out that Treasurer Rosan does not actually authorize or sign the checks cut on behalf of the Party.  Rather, Treasurer Rosan is merely responsible for “ensuring the completeness and accuracy of all Party finances and reports.”

As our story said Treasurer Rosan had written these checks, we happily correct the record.  The back and forth between the Gahanna GOP and the county party is below.  3rdRail also reached out to Franklin County Republican Party executive committee Chairman Doug Preisse who provided the following comment.