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Rumors too hot not to print


All in the Family


Share a Tip has been very busy.  We received this intriguing tip regarding the Franklin County Republican Party Treasurer, John Rosan, paying his wife Kristin Rosan for "accounting services."  

John is a CPA and his wife Kristin is an attorney that specializes in real estate.  


These expenditures statements reveal treasurer Rosan has sporadically written checks to Kristin Rosan. NOTE: 3rd Rail has confirmed that Treasurer Rosan did not write the checks to his wife.  Correction to this article can be found here.




In 2016, she received eight checks totaling more than $10,000.


As our anonymous source points out - "We're not sure which is more bizarre, the party treasurer writing checks to his wife, or the party treasurer, an accountant himself, hiring a real estate attorney for accounting services."


Delaware County GOP Upping the Ante for Gubernatorial Candidates


Delaware county business leaders and Republicans have had enough.  An important county for GOP gubernatorial hopefuls, community leaders are developing a slate of issues that will be presented soon to rate gubernatorial candidates. The issues include school and highway funding. "The county has long been ignored by the state," said a source familiar with the slate.  "The state takes our income and sales taxes, and politicians want our votes. Community leaders are tired of being taken for granted."  State Senator Kris Jordan (R-Ostrander) supported the idea of a candidate issues slate saying,  "If taxation is theft, then this is pure plunder."


Kasich's Chief of Staff on short list to head Ohio Business Roundtable


It is common for staff to leave the executive office once the Governor becomes a lame duck, and the Kasich administration is no different. Recently Kasich's Director of Legislative Affairs, Merle Madrid, left the administration to take a position as Vice President of State Government Relations for UnitedHealth Group. Now 3rd Rail has learned that Kasich's Chief of Staff, Beth Hansen, is on a short list to be the new head of the Ohio Business Roundtable.  Look for more changes in top staff as Kasich's second term comes to an end.


Lucas County GOP Turmoil, Nothing To See Here


The Lucas County Republican Party has had a rough go of it for the past decade. After long time Chairman Jim Brennan, an old Jim Rhodes era war horse retired, a half dozen leaders have emerged. Current Chairman Jon Stainbrook has been the electoral champion, and has sparred with local and state GOP officials within the party organization and Board of Elections leadership.


Former State Senator and Toledo lawyer Mark Wagoner has already announced that he intends to take on Stainbrook in 2018. Whoa Nelly!  The contested chairmanship has gubernatorial implications with Stainbrook siding with Mike DeWine and Wagoner with his old colleague, Jon Husted.