J.D. Vance author of Hillbilly Elegy


BREAKING: Hillbilly Elegy's J.D. Vance possible run for Ohio U.S. Senate seat?

By Cyndy Rees


A source just informed 3rd Rail Politics that J.D. Vance in making the rounds with the Ohio GOP political elite to weigh a possible GOP primary run for the U.S. Senate.  Vance is a venture capitalist and author of the New York Times Best selling memoir Hillbilly Elegy. The book is about the Appalachian values of his upbringing and their relation to the social problems of his hometown. 


Vance is working with former Kasich Senior Advisor and Managing Director at Mercury, Jai Chabria. He spent much of the last year on the chicken and peas Lincoln/Reagan dinner circuit in Ohio. 


Will Vance jump in the race? Stay tuned.