Senator Joe Schiavoni’s “simple” bill reveals his lack of school funding knowledge

The downtrodden gubernatorial hopeful tries to raise his profile

By Connor Brown


We can’t say we’re really surprised. Joe Schiavoni has made ECOT/charter/anything-not-union his bashing toy in his quest to become relevant in a crowded Democratic gubernatorial field. In his latest attempt, the Senator from Youngstown introduced a bill that would ensure recovered monies from charter schools would go directly to public schools. The bill gives no real explanation on how this would work, or the processes that would take place, or how such determinations would be made going forward. But the bill isn’t about solving a real problem, unless of course that problem is how can Joe Schiavoni get his name in the paper.


That’s why the bill is so strikingly simple, as claimed by the brilliant author himself: “This bill is simple: it creates a uniform rule that all money overpaid to charter schools is sent back to the affected school districts."


Interesting. Something the Senator forgot when drafting this press release bill is that all these monies are based upon actual students. Thus, the Senator wishes to send the money that was directed towards a student’s education to a school district that either first failed that student or couldn’t meet their needs. But in either case, that school district would receive funds for educating a student who wasn’t in their building.


Or to put it simply -as we’re sure “Simple Joe” will appreciate— if a charter school doesn’t prove they educated a student, then that student’s education funds will be sent to a school that that student didn’t attend.


If a reporter actually cared what Joe Schiavoni did today, he or she might ask “Why should a district be paid to educate a student they don’t have?” or “How does this bill help the student?”


Answer: it doesn’t. Joe Schiavoni’s bill isn’t about the students at any level. And if he really felt strongly that these poor charter school kids were robbed of their education, his brilliant, simple solution is to rob them more.


Perhaps Senator Schiavoni should just go ahead and amend this bill to more accurately reflect his motive.


If that were the case, his quote would read more like this: “This bill is simple: it creates a uniform rule that all money overpaid to charter schools is sent to the Joe Schiavoni campaign so that I might be considered for Cordray’s Lt. Governor spot."