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Not to be missed news


Husted Super PAC Already Running Ads

A newly formed Super PAC, called Ohio Conservatives for a Change, is already up and running ads on social media sites in support of Jon Husted for Governor.  The group was formed this spring by campaign finance lawyer David Langdon and former Josh Mandel staffer turned lobbyist Joel Riter.  Riter is also the President of the dark money group, Citizens for a Working America.  


Riedel, Roegner, Seitz Seek More Veto Overrides

   In a letter to all House Republicans, State Representatives Craig S. Riedel (R-Defiance), Kristina Roegner (R-Hudson), and Rep. Bill Seitz (R-Green Twp.) have asked Members to sign a letter to Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) to reconvene the lower chamber for more veto overrides.

   The request focuses on media coverage of the July 6, 2017 overrides. “Threatening and derogatory language such as ‘misguided’ and ‘you break it, you own it’ and accusations that the Legislature has left Medicaid $1.4 billion short (The Columbus Dispatch 07.06.17) are incendiary, erroneous, and should not go unanswered. In essence, the gauntlet has been thrown down to portray us as weak and indecisive, primarily because of our failure to affect a more comprehensive health care reform. This becomes all the more of a bitter pill to swallow……”


Supremely Judicial Ponies Walking To The Gate

    Already making the rounds at Republican gatherings this Summer are at least two Appellate Court Judges from Northern Ohio who would like to fill at least one of the two open seats on The Ohio Supreme Court commencing in 2019.

   7th District Court of Appeals Judge Mary DeGenaro waited her turn and did not run against party endorsed candidates in 2016. Her loyalty could be rewarded, although the encouragement to back her was made by former Chairman Matt Borges.  DeGenaro is a popular registered Republican Judge (shh!) in the District Court that covers the Youngstown area, and who has enjoyed support from traditional Democratic leaning ethnic and labor organizations in her successful prior elections.

   5th District Appellate Court Judge Craig Baldwin is also making the rounds in the GOP Summer picnic circuit. Baldwin was elected in 2006 in this ticket splitter district that leans slightly Republican.

   11th District Court of Appeals Judge Colleen M. O’Toole, who unsuccessfully challenged Supreme Court Justice Pat Fischer in the 2016 GOP Primary, has asked for an interview for the open U.S. District of the Northern District of Ohio Judgeship based in Cleveland. No word if she does not make the Federal cut that she will run for the Supreme Court, but some of her backers in 2016 also backed Timken, which could make a difference in party support.

   Justices Terrence O’Donnell (R) and William O’Neil (D) are not eligible to run for re-election to the high court due to age restrictions.


Cleveland Municipal Races Spark Interest

   The sleeping giants appear to have been awakened in Cleveland. Three term Mayor Frank “Action You Can Trust” Jackson has drawn a bevy of challengers, including two sitting Members of City Council, a State Legislator, and at least two Republicans, a rarity in the Forrest City.

  Council Members Zach Reed and Jeff Johnson – aka “SEN JJ” as his vanity license plates read when he served at the corner of Broad and Third in Columbus – are challenging Jackson. Reed is noted for his passionate floor speeches and notorious carousing in the city’s entertainment districts that have earned him several high profile drunk driving convictions, while serving in office.  Johnson was convicted of extortion while serving in The Ohio Senate for shaking down local store owners for cash in return for political favors. His second chance stint on City Council has been marked with effective ward storefront development in one of the city’s poorest sections.

  Term limited State Representative Bill Patmon (D-Cleveland) the former City Council Member is making a second bid to lead the city. Patmon represents the East Side in The Ohio House and earned a reputation as a skilled legislator who understood budgeting priorities in both capacities.

  Other colorful candidates include former East Cleveland Mayor Eric Brewer, an Air Force veteran known for his feisty candor in campaigning as well as being ousted from East Cleveland’s top job after photographs of him in female clothing and partially naked showed up across voter’s doors in Ohio’s poorest city.

 Brandon Edwin Chrostowski is a first time candidate who founded a rehabilitation restaurant in the Shaker Square section of the city called Edwin’s. Offering the chance for criminal offenders to turn their lives around, his program is noted for job training and life skills that assist those who have served their time and seek employment.

  Tony Mandalone owns Fresh Brewed Tees, a successful t-shirt business and has been an outspoken critic of Jackson and the direction of the city. Rounding out the list are Robert Kilo, Camry S. Kincaid, and write in candidate, James Jerome Bell.

  Every one of the seventeen Council Members are opposed in 2017.