3rd Rail Must See - NBC News feature, Schools of Thought: The War Over Public Education and Charter Schools

By Cyndy Rees


The NAACP joins the teachers unions in opposing charter school education in what is described as "an old fight that has nothing to do with kids" by David Hardy founder of the highly successful Boys Latin Charter School in Philadelphia.  NBC News' Craig Melvin visits Boys Latin and takes a deeper look at the fight to eliminate charter school education in this feature Schools of Thought: The War Over Public Education and Charter Schools.


Hardy founded Boys Latin to get more black young men into college. Ninety percent, or twice as many Boys Latin students, attend college as students from the Philadelphia school system.   Hardy tried to duplicate the success by opening a Girls Latin and the request was rejected by the Philadelphia City Council.  The key concern of the city council, NAACP and the teachers union is financial, suggesting that every charter school’s success comes at the expense of traditional public schools.  This prompted Hardy to point out that, "the children aren't being served by this fight."


With over a million students nationally on a waiting list to attend charter schools President Trump's budget provides $150 million for charter school expansion.  Education Secretary Betsy DeVos suggests it is time to stop talking about schools and school buildings and start to invest in students.


As 3rd Rail has pointed out, Ohio is not alone in enduring the attack on school choice.  The battle over charter school education is a national,well-funded fight by the teachers union and their allies, which now sadly includes the NAACP.