Lobbyist Throw Back Thursday

by Cyndy Rees


At the turn of the Century I was a Weiland girl!  I first met the unique Dick Weiland sporting a white scarf indoors and traveling with two women at all times when I worked as a Legislative Aide.  He must have liked to travel in two's because he always had two cell phones.  At any given time he could be talking to the Governor and a legislator at the same time and tell one the other said hi. He is quietly one of the most effective lobbyist's around and is still working the halls for the betterment of children and families.  I hope you enjoy getting to know more about Ohio's oldest active lobbyist and a Statehouse legend Dick Weiland. 


1)  How did you become involved in politics?
My Uncle Lou was an active Republican way back when.  He would talk to me about being a Republican and I became one.  There are so many important issues that if you become involved you can make a difference.

2)  What is your life "Super Bowl" moment, personal and professional?  

Other than having 3 wonderful children and 6 grandchildren it was when I saved Hebrew Union College from being closed and moving to New York.  Another was when I saved Talbert House from closing down.  It is the largest halfway house in the state of Ohio and doing really well now.

3) Drink of choice?

Vodka any kind but Absolute.

4)  What was your first job? 
I worked for my father, who was a brilliant lawyer and deal maker, and I didn't like it. I travelled with him when I was young and listened to all of these brilliant men making deals.  I think this is where I learned to make deals.  I wanted to be a lobbyist.  I am the oldest living lobbyist in the state of Ohio.  I still work 7 days a week and have a steel trap memory.

5) What song best represents the story of your life? 

“I Did It My Way”, by Frank Sinatra
“The Morning After” by Maureen McGovern

6)  Go to App on your phone?

No app, I have the simplest of all cell phones.  I used to have two phones and then I found out that if you only have one and someone calls you can switch over in a hurry.

7)  How do you spend a free day? 

I'm 88 and I still play tennis.  I hit with a pro twice a week.

8)  What was the last book you read? 

A book about the Kennedy's.  I visit with their family at Hyannis Port every year.  I was very fond of Bobby Kennedy. Bobby was the leader and the smartest of all of the Kennedy's. 

9)  Who is your professional idol?  

George Voinovich and John Glenn.  They were two of my favorites.  

Anything you would like to add? 

We have been very lucky in Ohio to have so many outstanding Speakers and Senate Presidents.  I am very fond of John Kasich, he is doing a terrific Job.  I want to thank Beth Hansen and Wayne Struble.