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The not to be missed events of the week.


Snoozing on the Job!


3rd Rail Politics has been told that the State School Board had to hire a parliamentarian to keep Board member Meryl Johnson, a retired teacher from Cleveland, in line during the meetings.  A source from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) has confirmed that Board Member Johnson was prone to interrupt the meetings with questions on procedures so often that this hire was necessary.  

The problem is, the parliamentarian was asleep at her job! 

While the Board was considering a historic and unprecedented claw back of state funds from a school that educates vulnerable children this was happening:


Maybe we just caught her with her eyes closed?


Nope she's sleeping alright!  

No problem, the school board only manages nearly half of the state budget. 

Not sure which is worse, board members who don't know the rules of participation in board meetings, or a parliamentarian who is snoozing on the job! 


Scott Wiggam for Congress?

The soon to be open 16th Congressional District continues to draw interest from potential primary candidates.  3rd Rail Politics has learned that state Representative Scott Wiggam (R-Wooster) may be interested in the race.  He is a three term Wayne County Commissioner who is serving his first term in the Ohio House of Representatives. A fiscal conservative who served on the board of the Ohio Right to Life, Wiggam may be appealing to the powerful Club for Growth and the Congressional Freedom Caucus.  

Representative Christina Hagan (R-Marlboro Township) is the only candidate who has announced.  Representative Tom Patton (R-Strongsville) is also rumored to be interested in the seat.


Oberlin City Council Considers Doing Away With Columbus Day

Can Oberlin city employees enjoy a day off in the name of "Indigenous People" instead of the legal Federal Holiday known as Columbus Day? Oberlin City Council is considering an ordinance that would rename the October birthday of Christopher Columbus with the vaguely named Indigenous People Day.

Morning Dove Jean Foggo Simon presented a petition with 200 signatures to City Council asking for the name change. In testimony to Council, Simon pointed out that Berkley, CA started changing the name of the Holiday in 1990. 

According to the Lorain Morning Journal, Council President Ronnie Rimbert support the move, stating, “Maybe we can start celebrating Indigenous Day and start a new trend in this community and go from there.”

The Knights of Columbus pushed back, describing Columbus as a “fearless explorer and brilliant navigator” who was “falsely blamed for the actions of those who came after him.” 

On Monday the Renaming Ordinance is set for a vote. Will Cavemen count as Indigenous People?


Hairy Controversies Abound At Statehouse

While Governor John R. Kasich's  proposed merger of the State Barber Board and State Board of Cosmetology has attracted little interest or opposition in this budget cycle, unlike past years where scissors were sharpened and legislators consistently buzzed cut merger ideas, two pieces of legislation have attracted a battle royale over the industry with over 130,000 licensed cosmetologists.

S.B. 129 (Jordan) and H.B. 189 (Roegner) would reduce the amount of hours needed to become licensed to perform salon services in Ohio.

Proponents point out that EMTs in Ohio require less education in order to save lives. 

Opponents are fighting to preserve the standards by highlighting that mainly females are licensed in Ohio, and less education could mean less women starting their own businesses. 

With Wonder Woman playing to strong audiences across Ohio, 3rd Rail Politics wonders if girl power can stop these bills?