This week's Lobbyist Throw Back Thursday, Nathan Aichele is extremely hard-working and loyal.  He's humble.  Very smart. Kind.  Whether it's for work or as a friend, when Nathan shows up you know everything is going to be okay.  Our thanks to Rocky Black for that warm introduction.  We hope you enjoy getting to know more about Nathan. 

1)  How did you get involved in politics?  

Dick Lugar created the Lugar Program at Denison.  I got to meet him on a few occasions, and eventually switched my major to political science and interned for him in Washington D.C..

2)  What was your life "Super Bowl" moment, personal and professional? 

Getting my first long-time job in the legislature with Keith Faber.

3)  Drink of choice?  

White Russian.

4)  What was your first job?  

A busboy at Skyline Chili.  

5)  Go to App on your phone?  


6)  How do you spend a free day?  

Talking about work.  

7)  What was the last book you read? 

The Little Book that Still Beats the Market

8)  Who is your professional idol?  

Dick Lugar

9) Anything you would like to add?  

I feel very fortunate to be able to work with so many close friends, and every day I am reminded of their kindness and generosity.