Senator Peggy Lehner (R-Kettering)


Vote, then Listen Leave

Peggy Lehner walks out on ECOT teacher/families

By Connor Brown


Yesterday, while the State Board of Education was busy practicing reverse law-making (by voting first, then learning and listening second), State Senator Peggy Lehner was having none of it. Rumor has it that once the ECOT vote took place and the board decided it would then listen to ECOT parents and families, she left. The board apparently at least pretended to listen to these people, but this act of decency was too much for the Senator from Fordham.


Her distaste for all things ECOT is hardly a secret, so she likely has little appetite to suffer through actual stories from actual ECOT people. Especially when her desired goal was already achieved: the destruction of school choice and the consolidation of charter schools under a handful of super-sponsors, mainly Fordham. This day had been a long time coming for team Fordham and Lehner wasn’t about to let their celebrating get rained on by a teary-eyed ECOT mom talking about what the school had done for her student. Besides, according to those opposing ECOT, if you didn’t log in for five hours a day, every day, then you’re not even a real student


The students and families of ECOT today felt the cold shoulder of Senator Lehner in more than one way.