The Schrimpf twins: Chris is in the blue.

Lobbyist Throw Back Thursday


As a new blogger, I am beyond impressed with the communications skills of this week's Lobbyist Throw Back Thursday.  Chris Schrimpf was the communications director for Kasich for America, the Ohio Republican Party, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and others.  He is now a Partner with Red Tack Strategy and specializes in crisis communications and reputation management.  I hope you enjoy learning more about this impressive politico. 


1) Tell us your best Vacation story?  

My wife and I were traveling between Egypt and Israel on our honeymoon, crossing from the Sinai Peninsula.  My backpack was going through an airport type scanner and all of a sudden there was a big commotion and the IDF grabbed me in a rush.  Everyone got very nervous and on edge. It turns out that they thought my back-up AA (about 50) batteries for my camera had fallen loose in the bottom of my bag. On the x-ray machine it looked like I was trying to smuggle bullets into Israel.

2)  What was your life "Super Bowl" moment, personal and professional?    

Personal: Marrying my wife and the birth of our two kids. As my first boss, Sonny Perdue, told me, I definitely out-kicked my coverage.


Professional: Probably a tie between the epic fight we won in Wisconsin implementing Act 10 and then winning the attempted recall of Governor Walker and having a front-row seat on Governor Kasich’s Presidential campaign especially seeing New Hampshire primary play out and how seriously the folks there take their responsibility.

3)  Drink of choice?

A cold IPA on the beach.

4)  What was your first job? 

Lifeguard at Shady Lane Swim Club in Cincinnati.  I have one career rescue – a child jumping off a diving board with a full-arm cast has a very difficult time swimming.

5)  What song best represents the story of your life? 

“On the Road Again.” The first ten years of my career consisted of constantly moving about every year. Georgia to Washington, DC, to Georgia to Washington, DC, to Wisconsin to Georgia and finally home to Ohio before hitting the road with Governor Kasich for a year during the Presidential run.  Needless to say my wife has been a saint!

6)  Go to App on your phone?

Twitter. If you follow the right person it’s like your own personal newspaper – full of all the news, sports and opinion you want and plenty of snark.

7)  How do you spend a free day? 

Hanging out with my family preferably outside, especially at the pool or a beach.

8)  What was the last book you read? 

1776 by David McCullough

9)  Who is your professional idol?  

I’ve been blessed to work with great people doing campaigns across the country. Although political operatives often get a bad rap, there have been many who have shown me that you can be a person of integrity and principle and still win.

Anything you would like to add? 

I am so happy to be back home in Ohio and to be raising my family in Columbus. Growing up in Cincinnati I didn’t really follow the Buckeyes, but am happy to report that my kids are avid fans.