Lobbyist Throw Back Thursday


Who is this week's Lobbyist Throw Back Thursday? Put a beard on this little guy and you should be able to figure it out.  A statehouse staple earning his stripes in the Ohio House under Speaker Davidson, Barry Sheets went on to work for Citizens for Community Values and now has his own firm.  He is a leader in the Christian community with connection throughout Ohio and beyond.  We hope you enjoy getting to know a little more about Barry.  


1.  Tell us about your best vacation?

It was an unplanned trip to Holden Beach, NC.  A large group of friends from church had rented a house on the beach, and had someone cancel out at the last minute.  I had vacation time built up from my job, so, after working a double shift from open to close, I hopped in the car at 11 p.m. and drove in a caravan with 8 other vehicles the 14 hours it ultimately took to reach the beach (I had been awake for around 36 hours from the time I got up for work until the time we got settled in on the beach).  A great trip, made even better by the fact that my then-girlfriend (now wife) was my riding companion in the car...14 hours in a car on little sleep is a great way to really get to know a person's real character and behavior, but she married me anyway!


2.  What are your personal and professional Super Bowl moments?

Like Roethlisberger and Brady, I have had multiple "Super Bowl" moments in life:  coming to salvation in Christ, meeting and marrying my wife, having our first child, our second child, our third child, forming my company (Principled Policy Consulting, LLC) and getting to do what I love!


3.  What is your drink of choice?

Water or coffee by day; port or a good single-malt scotch on occasion in the evening.


4.  What was your first job?

Busboy/dishwasher at THE Bob Evans Farm in Rio Grande, Ohio.  I learned a lot of useful people skills through that job!


5.  What song best represents the story of your life?

"Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing"--everything in my life's story is a result of God's grace and blessing.  It gets real when you come to understand how all of the seemingly disjointed things that you experience or happen to you all work together for your good and for His glory.


6.  What is your go to app?

My Bible app and the AccuWeather app.


7.  How do you spend a free day?

Free day?  What's that?  Seriously though, a free day is spent in conversation, planning and "date nights" with my wife, conversation and training with my children, or day tripping with one or more of them to haunt antique stores, flea markets and thrift stores for "treasure hunting".


8.  What was the last book you read?

I tend to be reading multiple books at a time, a chapter in this one, a section in that one...the last one I finished was "The Exception" by historian Otto Scott.


9.  Who is your professional idol?

I really don't have idols, but will express deep appreciation to Rocky Black, who was gracious and gave me plenty of helpful suggestions as I was planning to launch my own consulting company.  He is an example of grace, a gentle spirit, and competency in advocacy from whom I have been blessed to learn.