Election Day Gossip Alert:  Governor Kasich AWOL in Ohio but on TV Everywhere


While President Trump and Republican candidates and volunteers have worked tirelessly to secure a win in Ohio on this election day, here is a quick look at what Governor Kasich has been up to.  Activities are compliments of his official Twitter page.


He did make a mention that today was Election Day while he was promoting himself for appearing on The Daily Show.  Thanks Johnny!

Prior to that he was promoting himself for appearing on The Daily Show.

Woah - and here he is again promoting himself.

Yesterday, Governor Kasich was promoting his appearance on The View. (These tweets are in chronological order and are inclusive.)

More self promotion from the Ohio Governor.  No word on getting out to vote for Republicans in Ohio.  Just a pat on the back for hanging with the cool girrrrrllls from The View.

And then there is this ...... Yawn......

Oh and a little lecture on hate from our bitter, vindictive Governor.  Yes folks, when Kasich runs for President as either a Republican, Democrat, Progressive, or whatever he is these days, don't forget how useless he was to helping keep Ohio Red this November 2018.