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Governor "1 in 38" Kasich to Stump for DeWine will it Help or Hurt?


Anonymous shared the tip: Now that DeWine is going to share the stage with “1 in 38” Kasich on Friday for a campaign rally, you can officially count me out as a vote for DeWine. There are plenty of people like me. What a ridiculously unforced, unnecessary error.


Anonymous you make a good point.  In the August special election for the Ohio 12th Congressional seat, Kasich jumped in at the last minute to support now Congressman Balderson.  But it was a last minute rally in Delaware County by President Trump that pushed Balderson over the top for a win.


President Trump will be back in Cleveland on Monday to ask voters to send DeWine to the Governor's office.


Will the Trump magic work again? If so, Kasich can pretend his one campaign effort to support Mike DeWine made the difference.

Speaking of one campaign effort by Kasich, why has the Governor been absent during this Republican election cycle in Ohio?  As 3rd Rail has previously reported the Democrats have enjoyed using him to bolster their turn out.  Makes you wonder.


Going After Sprague is Like Going After Santa - Is no one sacred?


Democrat Treasurer candidate Rob Richardson who has raised over $1,195,000 from all over the Continental United States is running a negative ad against Republican Treasurer Candidate Robert Sprague who has raised $763,000.  Richardson's ad suggests Sprague, an auditor by trade and a really great guy, is somehow corrupt because he received donations from Pharmaceutical companies.

Really? So receiving contributions from an industry that has developed all kinds of life saving treatments for our families is corrupt?  Where would we be without cancer/leukemia treatments, ground breaking research and development for every possible illness from Alzheimer's to heart disease? Is Richardson suggesting Pharmaceutical companies should no longer provide our children and loved ones with critical medical treatments?


But Richardson didn't stop there - he actually lies to Ohioans in the ad by suggesting that Sprague doesn't want to help individual who overdose on drugs.  


To be clear, Robert Sprague successfully championed three separate pieces of legislation to ensure pharmacies could provide narcan over the counter to save lives and made sure law enforcement and citizens are legally protected when they give narcan to an individual who overdosed.  This is the Robert Sprague who wants to bring innovation to the State Treasurer's office to help address Ohio's horrific drug dependency issues.  


C'mon Richardson, we know it is your out of state donors who are attempting to buy their way into OUR state Tax Treasury.  And when you run an ad that deliberately lies to voters, well Sir, that makes you a liar for State Treasurer.  


He's Here, He's There, He's Everywhere - Mike Gonidakis


Frequent Sunday political talk show host and lobbyist extraordinaire Mike Gonidakis represents everyone from the Ohio Right to Life to American Electric Power.  Now he can be seen in a Republican Governor's Association ad cheering on Ohio Gubernatorial Candidate Mike DeWine.  


We hope his long list of clients are on board with the endorsement? 


The Once All American Treat Has Gone Left Wing Political


As 3rd Rail has previously reported Ben and Jerry's ice cream is proud of their commitment to left wing causes.  Just this year they asked MoveOn.Org to name flavors after liberal candidates like Ohio's 1st District Democratic nominee Aftab Pureval. 


For the sake of peace, love and unity they are now naming their ice cream after elected officials they don't like.  Just recently they named an ice cream after President Trump called "Pecan Resist."


B&J's says, "This flavor supports groups creating a more just and equitable nation for us all, and who are fighting President Trump's regressive agenda."


By regressive agenda B&J is surely referring to the fact that Trump's economy has created a historic unemployment rate for virtually every American no matter their classification.


Is B&J suggesting we should go back to the days when blacks, women and others were woefully under employed and dependent on their beloved government?

Resist Ohio Resist.


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Anonymous shared the tip: You can't actually believe that Steve Dimon spent $50,000 for an engagement ring. He can't even afford to own his own home. His Mommy had to buy it for him after he got soaked in his 2nd divorce!!! It's more likely that he bought it out of the back of a van from some dude named Leon or went to the local pawn shop. Can anyone say cubic zirconia?????


Share a tip:  Wow! Andrew Brenner’s newest ad pointing out Democrat contributions taken from Lager really screams hypocrite since from what I have heard, all he did was ask ask ask for money from Lager.   Looks like Obhof and Mauk have their claws in him!  Typical!


Share a tip: It is so frustrating to watch Democrats mention Kasich as an ally in their commercials!  Kathleen Clyde is the perfect example.  Kasich’s past decisions continue to hurt Ohio’s future! It is sickening how he hasn’t helped the Republicans!  Screw running as an Independent for President! Just become a Democrat already Kasich!!!!!


Anonymous shared the tip: The Ohio Municipal League is running an illegal raffle at their annual conference going on now at the Renaissance hotel. I'm at the event. They are not a charity, the proceeds aren't going to a charity, and these aren't door prizes. They're selling tickets at the registration table. Shameless bunch there. Sue Cave would be horrified by their antics. From the conference website: PRIZE RAFFLE The OML will again be conducting a prize raffle. Raffle tickets will be sold at the registration desk for $1.00. Ticket sales will start on Wednesday and continue until 5 p.m. Thursday evening. (Drawing will be held Thursday evening after the reception and you must be present to win.)