3rd Rail Spooky Halloween Survey Results

Happy Halloween from 3rd Rail Politics!

We hope you enjoy the ghoulish survey results.


Senator and Green Beret Frank LaRose was the favorite for surviving a Zombie Apocalypse.  Representative Bill Seitz and Representative Nino Vitale round out the top three.

Senator Frank Hoagland was the big winner for the write in responses, with Senator Kris Jordan coming in second with one individual stating that Jordan is already prepared, and coming in 3rd is Representative Larry Householder, "he's got 1882519357920 political lives.” Representatives Retherford and Butler were also mentioned along with former Representative Rex Damschroder and Attorney General Mike DeWine.




Budget guru Neil Clark wins the Pumpkin Carving Contest with OBM Director Tim Keen coming in second and Conservative Kris Jordan coming in 3rd.  Representative Candice Keller known for her fiscal responsibility came in a close fourth.  

Representatives Larry Householder, Mike Duffey, and Marilyn Slaby made the write in category.  Also mentioned was Tax Commissioner Joe Testa and Governor Kasich, "He would lose the contest, but claim victory and blame the judges for being idiots for not recognizing his brilliance.”

Representative Kristina Roegner was your favorite to play the Jamie Lee Curtis role in the movie Halloween.  Senator Stephanie Kunze came in second and Lobbyist Leah Pappas came in a close third.  Lobbyist Willa Ebersole came in fourth and politico Tracy Saliba closed out the field.

Representative and Super Mom Christina Hagan and Senator Edna Brown were favorites for the write in category.

Representative Scott Lipps

Representative Scott Lipps who is a real life clown for the win.  The amenable Representative Tom Patton came in second, with the charming lobbyist Chad Hawley placing a close third.  The always funny John Hamlin came in fourth and Paul Jarvis, one of the funniest people this editor has ever met, came in fifth.  

The write in responses include Dave Celona the "Happy Italian Jester," Speaker Ryan Smith, Representatives Brenner, Seitz and Hagan.  Lobbyist Doug Preisse received a mention as well.

Former Speaker Cliff Rosenberger enjoying a PayDay

Former Speaker Cliff Rosenberger with a whopping 40.21% was the hands down favorite for giving out the BIG candy bars this trick or treat.  The only question is will this be at Ginni Ragan's condo? (We think YES.)  Attorney General Mike DeWine came in second (we imagine his home is the place to be for every holiday), and Senator Gayle Manning came in third.   New mom of twins, Representative Christina Hagan came in fourth, former Senate Democrat Chief of Staff Mike Brello came in fifth and Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper came in last.

Bobbing for Apples, a fall favorite, certainly requires special skills.  Lobbyist Doug Preisse was your favorite apple bobber, with Auditor Dave Yost coming in second.  Speaker Ryan Smith seems to have the bobbing skills, he came in third with 20%.  Rounding out the list is a tie with Lobbyist Andrew Minton and Ben Kaiser at 6.32% and Senator Peggy Lehner with 4.21%.

Senator Lou Terhar and journalist Tom Suddes tie for the lead and both would make adorable Winnie the Pooh's.  Eric Weldele, Joe Erb and the always adorable Jillian Hanes round out your choices. A special congratulations to Joe Erb on the birth of your beautiful son Leo!

More Potential Pooh's include Senators Steve Wilson, Capri Cafaro, Billl Beagle, Representatives Mark Romanchuk and Scott Wiggam, Lobbyist Mike Gonidakis, Reporter Jeremy Pelzer and politico Tom Whatman. Now that is a lot of cuteness.

Governor Kasich's office wins with over 50% of our respondents determining it is the most Haunted branch of government.  The corruption plagued Ohio House comes in second.  Barely mentioned are the Ohio Supreme Court and the Ohio Senate.


Good: Theresa Gavarone Bad: Teresa Fedor

Good: John Becker Bad: Wes Goodman

Good - Cyndi Rees Bad - Kathleen Clyde

1. Tom Patton 2. Tom Patton Dude never makes a damn decision.

Gonzales is good Kasich is bad

Kasich a bad witch

Good - Lauren LaRose Bad - Ginny Regan

+ --- Melissa Vasil - --- Angela Snyder

Good Witch - Marilyn Slaby Bad Witch - Nickie Antonio

Good Witch---Barbara Sears

Hagan O’Connor

Good-Fran Dewine Bad-Peggy Lehrer

Good Nino Vitale Bad Cliff Rosenberger

Terry Johnson good witch, Nina Turner bad witch

Shane Wilkin Beth Ellis

Good - Candidate Tracy Richardson Bad- Sarah LaTourette

Christina Hagan (Good) Ginni Ragan (Bad)

A Good Witch Craig Butler A Bad Witch John Kasich


We thank you for participating in the 3rd Rail Spooky Survey and we hope you have a Spooktacular Halloween!