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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors



...not if you are a successful online charter school educating students who were not successful in the traditional brick and mortar school.   No, education in Ohio is relegated to the tools used 100 years ago under Governor Kasich's Department of Education.  What's next bringing back the old slate board and chalk Governor!





OHROC held their gold tournament in Mt. Vernon recently and we thought you would enjoy this little blast from the past.  

The more things change the more they stay the same.




OH-12 Congressional Democratic Congressional Candidate Danny O'Connor thinks so! Check out his commercial praising the alleged Republican Governor.





Anonymous shared the tip: 3rd Rail should chronicle the Columbus Dogpatch’s most recent price increases. Not only did they raise the Sunday paper price from $3.00 to $5.00 they charge for their special editions — which is just advertising—by charging for a full year for 11 months of service.


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Anonymous shared the tip: Lol who cares what Colton Henson thinks. (3RP cares Colton, we think you ROCK!)


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Anonymous shared the tip: Listen, I knew this John Plecnik guy before he ran for council, when he first moved to the city and bought this shitty little yellow house on Bishop Rd. He’s not even from this area, he’s from New York City! And oh man, he NEVER took care of his yard, washed or maintained his house, never fixed it up, gave zero fucks about it - like it didn’t even occur to him to care. I always thought it was funny he had this shitty little rundown house but a giant red Plecnik campaign billboard in his yard. He was really arrogant about his law degree and accomplishments etc etc - it meant everything to him. He’s very ambitious. He’s trying to take the Beto O’Rourke route, city council to House of Representatives to Senate to... who knows? I remember thinking it’s like this guy really wants/needs to be admired by people. He hasn’t even lived there very long when he ran for council. I thought that was odd. How could he contribute to running a neighborhood he JUST moved in to? He knows nothing about living here. Before Plecnik was elected to the council, there were zero issues in the government. Willoughby Hills was rich as fuck and everybody knew everybody. It was peaceful. It sucks that this political bullshit has come into our community. We don’t need to fight with one another. Fuck these people. The minute Plecnik walked in he started. Immediately he had a problem with this, an issue with that, a moral objection for the sake of “The People” with something or other. For such a supposedly smart lawyer and professor, he drafted and passed multiple ordinances that were deemed null and void by a judge in court. Why would a lawyer not know the ordinance was illegal to begin with? He wants to make a name for himself. He’s the guy who came in and “cleaned up Willoughby Hills”. Now the city’s money is tied up in lawsuits, court costs, attorney fees, people are losing their jobs or getting laid off, how much has it cost us already? The other five are sheep. They’re riding his coat tails. But I’m glad Weger made a point to mention there were Zero issues in this city until right after Plecnik got elected. Do your research. This guy is NOT FROM ANYWHERE NEAR OHIO. He’s trying to play everyone like he’s some sort of hero. Dude needs to find another hobby and not involve our community in his delusions of grandeur. Ask him how long after he moved here did he run for council? Then ask him what’s the minimum amount of time you have to live here to run for council? Are they the same number? Im really curious. Mark my words, he’s going for State Rep next. Oh my God, just opened this article and it says he already announced it. Thank God for Jamie Callender! Let this nutcase go destroy a different city already!


Anonymous shared the tip: Incredible a candidate for state office would conduct himself this way. Anonymous tip as far as I’m concerned, but the senior citizen is willing to talk.