Cuyahoga County Hates Home Rule


Next time Cuyahoga County complains about "unfunded mandates" and "home rule," remember the date of September 25, 2018.  By an 8-3 vote with all Democrats voting yes, and all Republicans voting no, Resolution 2018-9 was approved at the urging of Executive Armond Budish.


The Resolution placed into law so called protections for LGBTQ people as well as Cuyahoga Countians who "identify" as transgender.  The resolution creates a Human Rights Commission that is to police real estate transactions as well as business hiring and promotions. With the charge to promote and create awareness around LGBTQ issues.


Any business with more than 4 employees has to now keep track of every hiring decision, promotion, raises and now the extra burden of tracking sexual orientation as well as people who may identify as the opposite sex.  


Keep in mind that that is illegal according to Federal and State law. Businesses are barred from asking those kinds of discriminatory questions. 


And, when you are selling your house and you don't sell it to someone who is identifying as another sex - no details as to how you are supposed to actually know that - you can be sued. Oh, by the way, if you are taken to the three person commission and found to be in violation of the new law, you have to pay the lawyers fees!  That is right, loser pays. What does the Ohio Association for Justice think about that? 


If that is not completely unenforceable, then to boot, remember, Cuyahoga County is trying to impose this on incorporated cities, villages, and townships.  These communities have no such law and law directors that have been consulted say that the ordinance cannot be applied to municipal government.  


One last fun fact.  Violations are to be referred to the State and Federal EEOC offices for action. Only problem?  No such standard exists under Federal or State law about these new protections, so the Federal Government and State Government cannot possibly adjudicate these cases on their face.


The gay rights group Human Rights Campaign wrote the ordinance, and refused to even consider religious exceptions. So the synagogue, mosque, temple, or church has to comply under the new law, even if they or private citizens who do not believe that people are trans-gendered, because of DNA or belief, or anything else, have to comply or pay up.


Another day in the life of the State of Cuyahoga.