Democrat State Treasurer Candidate Richardson Faced Legal Questions Regarding Handling of Money

By Cyndy Rees

The State Treasurer manages your tax dollars.  Democrat State Treasurer Candidate Rob Richardson is running to be your next state Treasurer yet he has twice faced legal questions regarding his handling of money.




According to this report from the Associated Press:


Hamilton County records show Richardson’s wife at the time accused the Cincinnati attorney of setting up a private bank account to shield a work bonus of over $100,000 from her shortly before their 2015 divorce. Court documents show the candidate also was sued for breach of contract in a 2004 mortgage deal.


Hiding money from your wife and breach of contract are serious issues. 


This raises questions regarding the ability of Richardson to manage hard working Ohioans tax contributions ethically. It also raises moral questions regarding Richardson's handling of his wife and their assets during their divorce.  


The State Treasurer's office is a position of trust.  3rd Rail reached out to Richardson to ask him why Ohio voters should trust him with their tax dollars in light of this information.  We have not received a response at the time of publication.