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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


Smithberger Candidate, Professor Plecnik's Really Awful Year Continues


Boy, that Ryan Smith and Cliff Rosenberger really knew how to pick them! Recall the case of the over the top Willoughby Hills City Councilman John Plecnik, the subject of much ink in this space.


His cheesy and obviously self made internet ads featuring his dog in rather amorous poses with him, contained the slogan, "A tax professor that cuts taxes? Way to go, Professor Plecnik!" were the laughingstock of the 2018 GOP Primaries.


Professor Plecnik, despite the adulation of his dog, Bimmer, went on to lose the 61st Ohio House District GOP primary to former lawmaker Jamie Callender. Team Householder was not as enamored with the good Professor, who calls himself Professor, and blew his doors off. 


On October 3rd, Plecnik's antics caught up with him. Having sued his own city multiple times and his actions over turned numerous times by local courts, Plecnik and five other Members of Council were removed from office by Mayor Robert Weger, who cited a dozen cases of "misfeasance, malfeasance, and nonfeasance" as part of his reasons to invoke the City Charter and sweep out the Professor and his allies on City Council.


Plecnik was part of a delegation of elected officials including Speaker Smith, to tour his friend, lobbyist Bobby Ina's Sheetmetal Worker's Union headquarters in Parma just last month.  Smith and Plecnik were together, and Plecnik has told supporters that he plans to challenge Callender in 2020 should Callender prevail in the November election, where he is a heavy favorite to replace term limited State Rep. Ron Young (R-Leroy Twp.)


True to form, Plecnik is contemplating legal action, and in social media posts, questioned the Mayor's sanity. Openly stating that he and the removed Council Members were still functioning and that they would remove the Mayor for "losing his mind."


Way to go, Professor!  The quality of the Smithberger Team continues to shine.  



House FBI Investigation Expanded?


3rd Rail has been hearing rumors that the FBI may be looking into recently appointed House member, George Lang. 

Apparently, Lang knew there would be an open seat and quickly threw then Speaker Cliff Rosenburglar a fundraiser lining up donors so he could pledge big dollars to secure the appointment.  

This was out of the ordinary for Lang who has hosted fundraisers for statewide candidates but not for the Ohio House.

Our source says Lang, during a political caucus, pledged to raise significant funds for the House should he receive the appointment by Speaker Rosenberger.

The rumor is this isn't the first time he has had a run in with the FBI.

Hmmm... stay tuned.


Steve Dettelbach Flavored Ice Cream With a Left Wing Topping


The founders of Ben and Jerry's ice cream have been well known for their commitment to left wing causes.  2018 is no different as Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield have asked MoveOn.Org to name flavors after liberal candidates like Ohio's 1st District Democratic nominee Aftab Pureval. 


Now Greenfield is going to host a crunchy granola liberal ice cream social for none other than Steve Dettelbach, the Obama appointed U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Ohio, who is running for State Attorney General.


If you go to Magnolia Cleveland on November 1st at 6:00 p.m., Jerry will be scooping Social Justice with Dettelbach.  All proceeds benefit Dettelbach's campaign.


Plenty of fruits and nuts from Jerry to go around. 


From Share A Tip


Anonymous shared the tip:  I'm very displeased with leadership over the last couple of years, very jaded with OHROC and the decisions they have made. They bold faced lied to me.
Smith, Rosenberger, Shuring, Scott Ryan and the clowns at OHROC are incompetent and lacking all credibility. 


Anonymous shared the tip: In response to your BWC Tweet Tweet. That's nothing, check out how many Billions BWC could still give back. They take a victory lap every year giving back a Billion Dollars, but the reality is they are still holding 3+ Billion more than they should. On top of that. rates should be lower for the employers, but don't take my word for it. Just in the past year our fair Gov. didn't want to reduce rates as much as the actuarial recommended, so when it came time to present to the BWC board for approval the BWC Administrator had to have a political hack present the "recommended" rate reduction because it was against the actuarial calculation. BWC has such a surplus of money that they are just creating programs hoping something sticks. Investigate the current BWC Better You, Better Ohio program. $5,000,000 program that has enrolled a couple hundred people, at this point they should have a several thousand. This administration is just playing with the employers' money, and it is time to give it all back. Not just 1 Billion at a time.