Do Republican Elected Officials and Statewide Candidates Support President Trump?  

Check Out the 3rd Rail Survey Results


Recently, 3rd Rail Politics sent out a one question survey to all Republicans in the legislature, all Republican Statewide candidates running for office and all Franklin County Republican office holders.  


We asked one simple question - do you openly support President Trump?


In an effort to ensure that all legislators had the opportunity to respond we took the extra step of texting everyone as a follow up to the emails we sent out.

Below are the responses received.


How did your legislator/candidate respond?



Rob McColley - YES

Randy Gardner - No response

Kevin Bacon - YES

William Coley - YES

Bill Beagle - YES

Peggy Lehner - No response

Steve Wilson - No response

Lou Tehar - No response

Frank Hoagland - No response

Bob Hackett - No response

Matt Huffman - No response

Gayle Manning - No response

Joe Uecker - YES

Stephanie Kunze - No response

Bob Peterson - No response

John Eklund - YES

Kris Jordan - YES

Larry Obhof - No response

Matt Dolan - No response

Dave Burke - No response

Frank LaRose - YES

Scott Oelslager - No response

Jay Hottinger - No response


Republican House Members


Marlene Anielski - No response

Niraj Antani - YES

Steve Arndt - No response

John Becker - YES

Louis Blessing III - No response

Andrew Brenner - YES. I supported Kasich in the 2016 primary and then I was Trump’s Delaware County Co-Chair for the 2016 general election.

Tom Brinkman - No response

Jim Butler - No response

Rick Carfagna - No response

Bob Cupp - No response

Bill Dean - YES

Jonathan Dever - No response

Anthony DeVitis - No response

Mike Duffey - I would love to answer yes or no clearly for you, but it honestly changes on a daily basis. For example, I don’t think he’s doing enough to fight the federal debt. But I like his willingness to publicly argue over trade imbalances.

Jay Edwards - No response

Keith Faber - YES

Theresa Gavarone - No response

Tim Ginter - No response

Anne Gonzales - No response

Doug Green - No response

Dave Greenspan - No response

Christina Hagan - YES

Steve Hambley - No response

Mike Henne - No response

Brian Hill - No response

Ron Hood - No response

Larry Householder - Yes.  I was the only Ohio Republican to speak at the National Convention.

Stephen Huffman - No response

Jim Hughes - I’m running for judge this year and even though I would like to answer the question, the Court has advised me I can’t comment due to it violating the cannons I am presently under. Thanks

Terry Johnson - YES

Candace Keller - Yes

Darrell Kick - Chose not to respond

Kyle Koehler - No response

Al Landis - No response

Laura Lanese - No response

Sara LaTourette - No response

Scott Lipps - No response

Nathan Manning - No response

Derek Merrin - Yes, I support President Trump #MAGA

Tom Patton - No response

Dorothy Pelanda - No response

Rick Perales - No response

Bill Reineke - No response

Wes Retherford - For the most part I support the President.  I generally try to look at things at a policy by policy level, however when the President is truly trying to put America’s best interests first, then yes.

Jeff Rezabek - No response

Craig Riedel - No response

Kristina Roegner - YES

Mark Romanchuck - No response

Scott Ryan - No response

Tim Schaffer - No response

Gary Scherer - No response

Kirk Schuring - No response

Bill Seitz - YES

Marilyn Slaby - No response

Ryan Smith - No response

Robert Sprague - No response

Dick Stein - No response

Andrew Thompson - YES

Nino Vitale - I support policies not usually people. I love much of what he is doing. That is why I did not answer. There are many people who do things that are great and then I find out things later about someone that is awful. Some of our State Legislators fall into that category. Thus I support individual policies, not any person globally.

Scott Wiggam - YES

Ron Young - He doesn't do surveys

Paul Zeltwanger - YES


Republican Statewide Candidates


LaRose - YES

Faber - YES. I was his Statewide Co-chair for the General Election and support his policies that are growing jobs, providing fairer trade and keeping us safe.

Yost - No response

DeWine/Husted - YES, the Attorney General is supportive of the President and specifically of his efforts to reduce regulations, the tax cuts and jobs act.  The AG would like to mirror the President’s opportunity zones to drive investments to the parts of the state that need it most.  


Franklin County Republican Office Holders


Prosecutor Ron O'Brien - No response

Auditor Clarence Mingo - No response