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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


Mike Dawson, no friend of DeWine, works through Husted as PuppetMaster 



Rumor has it that Peggy Lehner BFF and anti school choice advocate, Mike Dawson, is not even permitted to step into the DeWine/Husted campaign headquarters because of long standing bad blood.


That hasn’t stopped Dawson from manipulating Husted into relaying his ideas to the DeWine sanction of the ticket.


Someone has to be strong enough to cut the Dawson chord. 


It's an F for Fail for Cleveland and Columbus Public Schools,  But Does Anyone Care?


The Ohio Department of Education issued the State Report Card and Cleveland Municipal Schools received an F.

Considering Cleveland Municipal School District received one of the largest per pupil expenditures at $21,333 in FY 2017 and graduated just 72.1 percent of their Senior class, this failure is catastrophic.



Much has been made about online charter schools academic performance and attendance but these schools overwhelmingly educate the 30 to 40 percent of the students who are unsuccessful in the public school system.  


But, in the year that John Kasich’s ODE decided to destroy online learning and close ECOT, ECOT outperformed Columbus City Schools as well.   

So, where is the outrage?  Where are the chants for taxpayer fiscal responsibility from the left wing community organizers and the teachers unions? Where are the opinion pieces from the Gutenberg Press demanding accountability? Why isn’t every statewide candidate, regardless of party, running for office screaming from the rooftops for explanations??   

Why you ask.. because none of these people care about the kids!  Politics at its finest!


Why would Rosenburglar want to know Ben Webb’s pant size?


This week the Cleveland Plain Dealer published Thirteen things we found in ex-Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger's travel records.  3rd Rail found number 9 particularly interesting. Given the alleged harassment issues plaguing the Ohio House this one really begs for an explanation.




From Share A Tip - Rosenburglar sighting!


Anonymous shared the tip: July 25th I was on an American Airlines flight with Rosenberger from DCA to CMH. He had his Wright State hat on sitting in first class. He must be up to something in DC