ICYMI: Rob Richardson ONLY Statewide Dem Candidate NOT Endorsed by Obama - Why?


In honor of former President Obama's campaign trip to Ohio today, 3rd Rail is reposting our recent reports from Page 3:


Enquirer Raises Questions About Democratic Treasurer Candidate Richardson's Background Then Drops Them

Inquiring minds want to know the truth about Richardson

The Cincinnati Enquirer originally published this blurb about Democratic Candidate for State Treasurer, Rob Richardson.


Note, they talk about the fact that Richardson is the only statewide Democratic office seeker who did not receive an endorsement from former President Obama.  Is there something in Richardson's background that led to former President Obama not endorsing?


Then the Enquirer did a quick switch by editing their article and completely changing the context of the original post. They did this without offering a correction.


The Enquirer removed:  

 "No one's saying why the ex-prez snubbed Richardson, who's in his second campaign after running for Cincinnati mayor last year.  It makes PX wonder if Obama's endorsement vetting team found something in Richardson's past it didn't like."


No one is more familiar with Rob Richardson than the Enquirer. Richardson ran for the Mayor of Cincinnati and came in third in a field of three.


So when the Enquirer raised the question about what Obama's vetting team may have found in Richardson's past that led them to pass on his endorsement - it raises important questions.


Why didn't the first African American President endorse the only African American running for statewide office in Ohio?


Why did the Enquirer change their publication after the fact?


Speaking of Richardson - Is the Democrat Candidate for Treasurer selling the office to out of state interests?


Our initial investigation into the Enquirer/Obama/Richardson issue reveals that Richardson's father, power player Robert Richardson Sr. is a national labor leader and the head of the Cincinnati NAACP.  He was embroiled in the Smitherman campaign scandal and went before the Ohio Elections Commission .


Richardson Sr. has done well for his son in terms of fundraising.  No other Democrat statewide candidate received the level of financial support from labor organizations as Richardson Jr.  The Democratic Treasurer candidate is raising money from San Diego to the Bronx - all maxed out checks. 


This is just a sample of the contributions raised by Richardson found on the Ohio Secretary of State's website.


While this doesn't explain why President Obama failed to endorse the only African American running for statewide office in Ohio, it does suggest that daddy's money and power couldn't buy the endorsement.  


Perhaps Obama's trip to Ohio will provide some insight into these pestering questions?