3rd Rail Profile:  Dakota Sawyer, The Future of the GOP


We first met this ubiquitous young man at a campaign rally for Mike Gibbons in Cincinnati during the final days of the U.S. Senate primary.  He was a long way from home and had an interesting story to tell.  We hope you enjoy meeting the future of the Ohio Republican Party, Dakota Sawyer. 


1.  Tell us about yourself?


I am 14 years old and a Freshman at Edison High School.  I live in Norwalk and have 4 brothers, 3 of which are younger than me.


2.  How did you get involved in politics?


I got into politics at the age of 4 when I decided I wanted to be Mayor.  My political career didn't start until 2016 when I volunteered for the Trump campaign.


3.  What type of political activities do you get involved with?


Some of the activities I get involved with include speaking engagements, fundraisers, Republican dinners, rallies etc.


4.  Who are some of the political leaders you have met?


I have met many congressmen including Jim Jordan, Bob Gibbs, Bob Latta and others.  I have also met Senator Rob Portman.  I have met many State Representatives and Senators as well.


5.  Why are you a Republican?


I am a Republican because I mostly align with their ideals.  For example, I support the second Amendment and I am pro-life.


6.  What are your goals for the future?  Will you run for office?


I do plan on running for office.  I plan to run for State Representative in 2022 for the 57th House District when Representative Dick Stein is term limited.  I will move on from there.


7.  Why do you love America?


I love America because of our freedom.  A lot of people in other countries do not have the same freedoms.  We have a chance to participate in a democratic system of government yet so many people don't.  I would encourage more people to get informed and involved.