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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


Richard Cordray's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Investigated for Discrimination and Intimidation of Women and Minorities


Charges of discrimination and intimidation at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) under Democratic Gubernatorial hopeful Richard Cordray's leadership have come to light.


It appears Cordray, as the Director of the Bureau, did nothing to protect women and minorities from discrimination from white male managers.  


Here is the testimony from Angela Martin, Employee of CFPB, under Richard Cordray.  Martin is testifying before a congressional hearing Chaired by Congressman Patrick McHenry (R-NC-10th District).


“I have never seen anything like this as a total disregard for our right.” (Discrimination at CFPB under Richard Cordray.)
“So based on everything you've seen, do you believe that white male managers have engaged in discrimination against women and minorities?”
“Yes sir. These employees have come to me personally, people have come to me many times, on many occasions, even more so since I came forward… 
“Emotionally I’m devastated forever for the fact that this wasn’t addressed when it happened to me and has allowed another trail of victims.”
“Trail of victims. This is unacceptable. This was over discrimination and the director should apologize.”

“This was over discrimination and the director should apologize.”

Will the Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Cordray apologize? Doubtful.


C'mon Columbus Public Schools - ECOT Building versus Air Conditioning?


We now have an even greater insight into the stunning failed management of Columbus Public Schools.


First Columbus City Schools Administrators were caught rigging data to make the district’s report card appear better and then there is the issue with1 in 6 students who are truant. 


And now, as has been widely reported 43 of the 110 school buildings do not have air conditioning, leading to the closure of all Columbus Public schools over the last few days due to the unseasonably high temperature.


Apparently, the school board prioritized the $3,155,500 purchase of the former ECOT building over the purchase of air conditioners for the schools.  The impact is lost classroom time, which equals a loss in taxpayer dollars.


Looks like another case where Unions holding grudges over charter schools always seems to be the priority over the kids. 


The Wild West of Charter Schools. Where have I heard that before? 


What the heck? If your #fakescandal can bring down Ohio's largest charter e-school ECOT, why not use the same tools to take them down across the country?


Watch out K-12 they are coming after you now.  Maybe all the charters should have worked together to build a strong front from the start?  Oops.. that’s right, K-12 never would have done that because they are bff’s with Peggy Lehner.


To illustrate the point this week California sent a bill to ban for profit charter schools to Governor Jerry Brown (D) to sign into law.  The only hitch, the progressive Governor may not sign it.  He has refused to sign similar laws in the past. 


But that hasn't stopped the Democrats pandering to the teachers unions to move legislation and build a #fakescandal in many states across the country.


A very small internet search finds these states as the "wild west" of Charter Schools:



The NEA, the compliant news media and legislators who thrive on teachers union donations, have only one description for Charter Schools and that is the Wild Wild West.  Yes, no matter what the state, it is the "Wild West" of Charters - running amok with no regulation.


Yippie ki yay everybody!



From Anonymous


"I'm surprised the FBI didn't find these in Cliff's (Speaker Cliff Rosenberger) junk from his office."



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