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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


We're For You! No - You, Uh No You . . .

Obhof and the OHA are covering their a@% by investing in both gubernatorial candidates.

Senate President Larry Obhof's law firm, Squire Patton Boggs is hedging their bets when it comes to the Governor's race.  In June, they maxed out for Republican Mike DeWine and in July they gave the same amount to Democrat candidate Richard Cordray. How does Republican Senate President Obhof explain this to others in the Republican lobbyist community who are standing firm behind DeWine?


More claims of being between a rock and a hard place:  The Ohio Hospital Association (OHA) endorsed DeWine/Husted for Governor after the DeWine Husted ticket committed to keeping Medicaid Expansion aka Obamacare in place.  This flip flop stance makes much more sense when you realize that  LG candidate Jon Husted's BFF, Scott Borgemenke, is the Senior Vice President of Advocacy for the association and one of the closest advisors to their campaign.

What is surprising is that shortly after the OHA made their endorsement, Friends of Ohio Hospitals the PAC for the OHA maxed out on DeWine/Husted's Democrat opponent Richard Cordray.  


While those who remain loyal to DeWine should be praised for taking a bold stand, it appears Obhof and the OHA are telling donors it's every man for themselves.


Bias Oozing from the Gutenberg Press

Darrel Rowland let some additional bias, this time age bias, seep into his coverage of the 12th U.S. House District Special Election on Tuesday.  In coverage on, Rowland's analysis of the race included these descriptions of partisan activity centering around recorded phone calls or robo-calls into OH-12:

First on the O'Connor front; "....former Vice President Joe Biden recorded automated telephone calls urging a vote for O’Connor...."

Next, on the Balderson front; ".....Even aged recording star Pat Boone was making robo-calls in the match-up...."

Biden is 75 years old. Boone is 84. Would Biden not qualify as an "aged" individual, well over the retirement age? 

Maybe now the Dispatch are ageists. It is okay for a man who is 7 decades old to place robo-calls, but 8 decades?  Of course, the bias alert would be that the Republican leaning Boone is over the hill, but the Democrat supporting Biden is fit as a fiddle.  

The aged Gutenberg Press continues its ways. Did Darrell ever consider that with all those pension funds that its parent company manages for the State of Ohio, it is not bad to be a little over the hill? 


Who's Funding LeBron James I Promise School

LeBron James I Promise School in Akron is a public private enterprise with funding from the LeBron James Family Foundation and the Public School District.  The launch of this innovative school has received praise from many who have worked hard to destroy the school choice movement.  Why are all the Democrats falling all over themselves to praise LeBron for doing what they so vehemently oppose when Republicans and religious organizations set up charter schools?  

Will Senator Lehner, Governor Kasich’s ODE and the Teachers’ Union target this innovative education opportunity as they have other innovative charter schools? One can only imagine what will happen after the celebrity wears off?  LeBron may have to pony up more money or watch as his school falls victim to those who hate innovation and education reform of any kind and have no interest in meeting the needs of every student in Ohio.


Speaking of Governor Kasich’s ODE and a Lack of Innovation

A source contacted 3rd Rail to let us know that ODE refuses to meet with any outside IT companies who seek to help bring Ohio's education opportunities into the 21st Century.  Apparently, Paolo DeMaria and Diane Lease have made it clear that no outside technological innovation is welcome at ODE. They won't even meet with firms to hear about possible innovations that could benefit Ohio taxpayers.  Is ODE (who is still living in the stone age) afraid of opening up access to their proprietary (meaning hidden from the taxpayer) evaluation data?  


From our Share A Tip:

Anonymous shared the tip: The State of Ohio has a perfect chance to put a stop (or major decrease) in the drug cartel control on Marijuana. But NO! Their greed will only increase street sales. How stupid can you get? Gambling is illegal yet the State has a bogus lottery. Fireworks are illegal yet you can sell and buy but not use. The State controls liquor sales under the guise of Liquor Control, and the list goes on and on. When will common sense out weigh greed?


Anonymous shared the tip: Socialist-Liberal Dawn Wojcik has decided to run against incumbent Conservative Charlotte McGuire (African American pastor and business women) for State School Board. Dawn champions all sorts of liberal causes (Democrat Central Committee, CAIR, LGBTQS Groups, etc.). She states on social media she hopes to fight against Donald Trump and Sec. Betsy Devos (and all Republicans) on the state school board. Forget about the kids-Democrats only want to fight Republicans (in every office)!

Anonymous shared the tip:  No more living in his parents basement for Cliff Rosenberger.  Apparently, the former Speaker of the House is taking up residence with the House Financier Ginni Ragan.  Is this a case of keeping your friends close and your enemies closer?  It may be a little of both as one House staffer told me Ragan is so enamored with Rosenberger that she had his likeness incorporated into the railroad train she places under her tree for Christmas.  Choo Choo!