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Borges Business Model:


Rumor around town is that Matt Borges will stop at nothing to get more clients. He is selling himself as “the one who can get it done” in the new administration and clients are “buying” it..  yet he is still only registered for one client.  Look out fellow lobbyists, he is coming for ya! 



Shady is as shady does! 


Spotted in DC:


Why oh why would Supreme Court Justice Pat DeWine (who is supposed to be politically neutral) and Mike Dawson - frenemy of Mike DeWine camp but bff of Husted camp be meeting with Barry Bennett in DC?


Who is really pulling the strings in the DeWine/Husted ticket?  And why is Pat DeWine continuing to get his hands dirty?  


A special shout out to our 3rd Rail DC friends who contacted us with this info. 


What Planet Is Rob Richardson Living On? 


The day after it was announced that the American economy had grown at a robust 4.1% of GDP, Ohio Democratic State Treasurer Candidate Rob Richardson, sent out an email that stated in part, "our economy is crumbling" and cited the drug addiction crisis among other issues to prove his point.


The economy is falling apart?  Ohio has not seen such low unemployment in over 30 years.  Over 100,000 jobs have gone unfilled due to the inability to match jobs with qualified people, since so many are working and appear to be happy in their jobs.  More people entered the workforce to seek employment who had previously gotten out of the active workforce.


That is about as good as it gets, Rob.  And, just what does the State Treasurer have to do with battling drug abuse?  Ironically, GOP candidate Robert Sprague actually does have a plan on that to leverage resources to battle drug addiction. 


Rob, you really need to get out and travel Ohio some.  Ohioans, who are not part of the "resistance" that you are hanging out with, are doing pretty darned well.  That is a Central Ohio term, by the way.  Columbus is on I-71 between your home in Cincinnati and the elite hedge fund managers homes in Shaker Heights where you have your fundraisers. 


What's Good for the Public School isn't Good for the Public Charter School


State Auditor Dave Yost is at it again.  This time he is focused on a legal property deal between Great Western's lease agreement with SchoolHouse Finance.  At issue is the cost of renovations and rental agreement for the Imagine Schools' Great Western Academy on the West Side of Columbus.  It provides juicy headlines and that is exactly what the political fame seeker Yost is after.  Legal contracts and rule of law be damned, change the rules retroactively if necessary (See ECOT), it's all about Headlines, Headlines, Headlines!!!!


School Districts own their public schools which are funded through the State’s School Facility Fund which is a separate funding pool from the base per-pupil state allocation.  Couple this with local property tax revenue and traditional public schools receive a much larger piece of the tax payer pie.


Is this fair for all school children?  Nope, nothing equitable about it - but that doesn't get Yost the headlines he seeks during this election season.  Watch Yost’s continued crusade against Ohio's most vulnerable students and their families.  


Republican House Candidate Jim Trakas Files Defamation Suit Against Conservative Alliance PAC


Republican Ohio House Candidate Jim Trakas (R-Independence) is fighting back against electronic media and circulars distributed before the May 8th, 2018 Republican Primary arguing the statements made in the materials were meant to mislead 6th District voters to defeat him. The complaint was filed in the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas against The Conservative Alliance PAC. 


A statement from Attorney David Horvath, ESQ who represents Trakas states, "In television and radio advertisements, as well as numerous written communications, the so called Conservative Alliance PAC repeatedly defamed Mr. Trakas with information known to be false. Politics is one thing, but willingly ignoring facts with the intent to distort Jim Trakas’ reputation, injure his ability to earn a living, and impugn his reputation based on falsehoods is actionable.”

In a filing with the Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, Horvath cited 54 separate points of defamation by the Virginia based political action committee. The complaint seeks injunctive relief against further false statements and seeks damages from the course of conduct whereby the PAC that spent in excess of $200,000.00 to defame the name of Trakas, who prevailed in the May primary with 57% of the vote, despite the onslaught of negativity. It will also provide Trakas with a venue for discovering who is behind this PAC which at this time is believed to be individuals with anti-conservative agendas.


From Share A Tip

Anonymous shared the tip: Looks like Bride Sweeney thinks she is a State Rep already (look at nametag). Talk about privilege!


Sweeney is a Democrat running for the Ohio House against Libertarian Ryan McClain.