Obhof Bends to Pew's Leftwing Mob Rule on Payday Lending

By Cyndy Rees


If it weren't for the FBI investigation of former Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, which initially was centered around a trip to London sponsored by some in the payday lending industry, HB123 would be lingering in committee back in the Ohio House.


But the highly effective mob rule including Pew, newspapers, left wing community organizers and the like have grabbed ahold of the issue and are ECOTing the legislature into another bad policy decision.



Republicans have historically been out of favor with the newspaper elites, yet, the Legislature is so consumed with fear of their local rag’s editorial boards that they are now listening to these dinosaurs rather than doing what they were elected to do.  


Everyone knows that Pew is a left wing organization that supports planned parenthood, global warming initiatives, and common core. Does the leadership in the Ohio House and Senate really believe that somehow this organization that doesn't contribute to political campaigns is relevant to their re-election?  Would you even want them too? 


The Republican legislature’s willingness to tackle these job destroying issues out of fear is baffling.  It is time for the Grand Old Party to be fearless and do what they said they were going to do when they were elected.  Stand up to the bullies and protect every single Ohioan as that is what they were sworn to do.