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Rumor, Rumor, Rumor



Delaware County GOP


Anonymous shared the tip: The Delaware County GOP is at it again. Newly appointed Chair Karl Gebhart sent a letter to all of Central Committee saying that the 7 at large executive seats on Central Committee will be presented as a slate with hand picked people, giving those seven people quite an unfair advantage over any one else in the county who chooses to run. The Executive Chair Slate pick brokered a deal that he would drop out of the senate race if he were elected executive chair. Brian Lorenz is being black balled from the slate and the party because he stayed in the house race after they endorsed a non qualified candidate.


3rd Rail has confirmed that the County GOP did provide everyone with a yellow piece of paper that listed their recommended slate of candidates for the party leadership.  There were a couple of individuals who were able to overcome the party faithful to pick up seats.  Apparently Powell Mayor and former candidate for the Ohio House of Representative Brian Lorenz was shut down by the establishment.  


ECOT From an Insider


I've been reading your articles on ECOT for a while. I was an employee with ECOT for about 4.5 years- I left as I saw the writing on the wall. I was also in the IT department. I know who the "whistle-blower" is that was touted by the Dispatch, politicians and media (it is not me, BTW. I am in favor of ECOT)


I don't think I've read it anywhere, so I thought I would throw out a little theory. It's no secret Bill L was a heavy Kasich contributor- until he ran for President. During the presidential run, Bill backed Trump. Is it coincidence that this is about the time that our RINO governor and his cronies started the witch-hunt against ECOT? I doubt it. 


The goal now is to run the ECOT bank accounts dry before the Supreme Court of Ohio ruling is handed down. There are now less than 20 employees of ECOT trying to hold on to that ruling. PC's, equipment and the building are up for auction. How would ECOT go on if the SCOO came back in favor of ECOT? Well, if there's no one working there because there's no money for payroll and no assets, well poof, Kasich's problem is solved. 


There is so many things that are wrong with this situation, it's amazing. So many RINO's are working together to see to the demise of ECOT all because baby John got his feelers hurt. Dems have honed in on Charter Schools in the past for political play and now John et al are doing the same. All in the name of politics and a personal vendetta. 


House Flight


Anonymous shared the tip: Sources around Cap Square say Rep. Rezabek has met with the Governor’s Screening Committee to assume the Juvenile Judgeship, he is currently running for, that is vacant in Montgomery County (with the passing of Judge Nick Kuntz). Now that his good friend is Speaker, it is safe to bet he is ready to be done being 1 of 99. Will Ginni’s money follow him to the new race? Will she be OK knowing she can only donate $600 (instead of $20,000 again)? Wonder how many more will continue to find their way out of the disorganized house?


OH-12 Congressional Candidate Questions Primary Vote in Muskingum County


Ohio 12th Congressional District primary candidate Melanie Leneghan is exploring contesting the election results of Muskingum County, after the Board of Elections failed to follow the Recount procedures of Ohio Revised Code 3515.04. Pursuant to R.C. 3515.04.  To ensure the integrity of the election, ballots are to be kept under seal and only unsealed in the presence of the Recount Observers. That was not the case in Muskingum County. Leneghan's attorney Peggy Guzzo said "We learned today, that Muskingum Board of Elections, without notice to Candidate Melanie Leneghan or authority, unsealed the ballots on Monday and brought the unsealed ballots on carts to today's scheduled recount. Given the already questionable election night results in Muskingum County, for a ten-way race; this latest breach of protocol seriously undermines the integrity of the election."


Leneghan sought the recount after learning Senator Balderson, who is from Muskingum County, won that counties primary with a resounding 80% of the vote.  With ten candidates vying for the open congressional seat on the ballot, 80% of the vote is statistically unrealistic and not inline with the voter results in the other OH-12 counties.