Fake report from union-funded group fails to mention student enrollment

By Connor Brown


In a politically-motivated stunt, discredited ex-State Representative Steve Dyer rolled out a fake report to once again rail against parental choice. The ultra-liberal no-think tank, attempted to calculate the total amount of money each school district had sent to ECOT over the years, claiming that the money belongs to the districts, not students.

Unfortunately, that’s not the law.


As 3rd Rail explained in a school-funding article, public schools simply act as flow-through for school funding, they are not “awarded” funding. (We wish Steve Dyer would read our articles, he could learn so much!) The monies sent to school districts are allocated on a per-pupil basis: essentially the more students you have, the more money you receive. Obviously, there are other factors at play in that complex formula (property tax valuation chief among them) but it’s well-known that Ohio uses a per-pupil model by which to spend education funds. If a student decides to enroll in another public school, that state money follows them.


But according to Innovation Ohio, those students who elected to leave their government-assigned school should receive a different funding amount: $0.


Because to them, that money belongs to the education bureaucracy, not the students. And it’s easy to find money-hungry bureaucrats to support that philosophy. Hence, Innovation Ohio rolled out a few clueless sheep, ahem, superintendents and treasurers, to reiterate this false narrative.


Robert Applebaum, treasurer of Maple Heights City Schools, said that his district has sent over $3 million to ECOT and were now in dire financial straits because of it. He failed to mention that 54 students last year elected to leave his district and enroll in ECOT!  That $3 million was never Maple Heights’s money, it was state money set aside for the education of those 54 students… and education that was robbed from them when Governor Kasich and his  Ohio Department Education shut down their school mid-year. Thus, Maple Heights’s bad finances must be their own doing.


Unlike Innovation Ohio’s fake “report”, 3rd Rail easily dug up the actual reports so that those with minds can see for themselves how many students chose to attend community schools and how much state money followed them.


Truth is often the first casualty of politics, and Applebaum, Dyer, and all the other taxpayer-sucking bureaucrats, are just pawns in the anti-choice machine. In their 1984-ish philosophy, there is only unionized government education entities… and all education money belongs to them, not students.