3rd Rail Survey Results:  The GOP & Ohio House of Representatives


Today is the day!  At long last, the Ohio House "should" elect a Speaker who will preside over the legislature for the next seven months in the wake of former Speaker Rosenberger’s abrupt resignation and FBI investigation.  


On Sunday, 3rd Rail polled our readers on this monumental race. Check out the results below! 


First up, we asked our readers who they think should replace Speaker Rosenberger?  Twice as many respondents chose Speaker Pro Tempore Kirk Schuring at 68.22% to Representative Ryan Smith with 31.78%.


3rd Rail asked our readers if they believed the House ethics issues and internal GOP power battle would negatively impact the GOP statewide candidates in the November election?  A resounding 69.40% of respondents said yes.  30.60% didn't think these issues would impact the statewide candidates.


Our last polling question was, How many Democrat votes will it take for Ryan Smith to reach 50 votes?  This was very close.  36.57% believe it will take between 4 to 10 Democrat votes for Ryan Smith to become Speaker.  35.07% respondents believe the Republicans should be able to secure 50 votes from the party and not use Democrat votes to select the next Speaker.  29.85% said Smith would need less than five Democrat votes to secure the Speaker's gavel and 7.46% believed Smith would need more than 10 Democrat votes.