Rumor Rumor UPDATE:  House Speaker Vote Session Cancelled Tomorrow


It appears Representative Ryan Smith is stuck at 42 votes in his effort to become Speaker of the House through December.  He must have 50 votes to be elected Speaker.


Tonight at 6:00pm House GOP leadership began calling on members in an effort to see if they could persuade eight members to vote for Ryan Smith.


At issue is who will control the Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee (OHROC) which is the fundraising and campaign branch for the House.  As has been widely reported the funds from OHROC have been used to fund clothing, travel and parties for the leadership team as well as used campaign contributions against incumbent House Republicans.

3rd Rail reported earlier that GOP House members raised questions regarding OHROC spending and the FBI investigation. Interim Speaker Kirk Schuring did not allow questions regarding the FBI investigation and would not allow Mike Lenzo, House Legal Counsel, to answer questions.  We have since been told by an attorney that the House Legal Counsel works for each member of caucus and every legislator has the legal right to ask Lenzo questions regarding the FBI investigation. 


That should be good information for those who would like to make an informed vote.


To that end, 3rd Rail is working on developing a list of the 42 pro-Smith votes and will publish it as soon as it is completed.