The Politics of Yost ECOT Audit

By Cyndy Rees


In the spirit of daylight, 3rd Rail Politics sent the following Public Records Request to State Auditor Dave Yost’s office.  


With the aftermath of Yost’s ridiculous press conference last week and his run for AG, we wonder how long it will take his office to get back to us.  


May 15, 2018


Mark Altier, Chief Legal Counsel

Ohio Auditor of State

88 East Broad Street

Columbus, OH 43215


            Re: Public Records Request


Dear Mr. Altier,


I am writing you pursuant to the Ohio Public Records Act, R.C. 149.43, to request copies of the following public records:


·         Any and all correspondence, analyses, draft reports, or other supporting documentation written or prepared by the Ohio Auditor’s office related to or in connection with the audit report released on or about April 25, 2018 for the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (“ECOT”) for the year ending June 30, 2017.  This specifically includes any correspondence with any candidate(s) for statewide office. 


I request that the above described records be sent to me in electronic form, via email, to the following address:  According to Ohio Public Records law, responsive records should be provided within a reasonable time, which we interpret to be seven days.  If it will take more than a week to respond, please contact me at this email and notify me when the records will be ready as soon as possible. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need additional information in order to expedite disclosure of the public records described herein.  


Thank you.