Can the House Speaker Election Create Legal Challenges for House Members? By Cyndy Rees


Today, the Ohio House of Representatives will hold a caucus to determine who will be the next Speaker of the Ohio House.

The vacancy was created when former Speaker Cliff Rosenberger abruptly resigned do to an ongoing FBI investigation.

It is widely assumed, that Representative Larry Householder, who won 20 out of 21 seats in the primary, will be elected Speaker when the House convenes in 2019. 
But the question remains who will control the House until that time?  

3rd Rail encourages members of the Ohio House to consider the following when determining who they will support for Speaker:


* Are Representatives Schuring, Smith, Ryan or OHROC subject to an FBI inquiry?

* Has Representatives Schuring, Smith, Ryan or OHROC retained legal counsel? 

* Has a federal subpoena been issued to Schuring, Smith, Ryan, or OHROC?

* Will Schuring or Smith be foreced to resign prior to November?  

If the answer is yes or “we don’t know”, do members risk being complicit in the perpetuation of wrongdoing if Schuring is allowed to preside, Smith is elected Speaker and they keep giving money to OHROC?

There are many critical questions that need to be answered prior to the House voting.  We hope our elected officials on both sides of the isle pursue answers to these and other questions before casting their vote.


Oh to be a fly on the wall!