3rd Rail Survey: Who Will be the Next House Speaker?


Today the House will hold a caucus to consider the special election of Speaker. 


On Sunday, 3rd Rail asked our readers who you believe will be elected Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives and here are the results.


Our readers selected the presumtive 2019 Speaker Larry Householder with 39.66%.  Representative Ryan Smith was your 2nd choice with 18.99%, Representative Dorothy Pelanda was 3rd with 11.39% and Representative Bob Cupp came in 4th with 9.28%. 


With 3.38% Speaker Pro Tempore Kirk Schuring tied for 5th place with none of the above.  Lobbyist Steve Dimon and Representative Jim Butler tied for 6th place with 2.11%.


As always, the write in candidates provided humor and insight.


Representative Andy Thompson lead the write-in pack with .02% of our readers responding and Representative Dave Greenspan, a Ryan Smith loyalist, was 2nd with .01%. 


Honorable mentions go to Representaties Nino Vitale, Jim Hughes, Anthony DeVitis, Kristina Roegner, Tom Patton, Bill Seitz, Ron Hood and Candice Keller.  Democrat Representative Jack Cera recieved a mention too. 


On the lighter note, lobbyist Doug Preisse, US Senate Candidate Mike Gibbons, Coingate's Tom Noe, Elmo and Vern Riffe received a mention as well.  Sadly you must be an elected member of the House of Representatives to hold the position but great suggestion everyone - who doesn't love Elmo!