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Rumors, Rumors, Rumors


Frank Discussion With POTUS, and He Loved It


Last Saturday, President Donald Trump was in Cleveland for a rally. Prior to, the Republican National Committee hosted a fundraising roundtable discussion with donors and supporters attended by business luminaries, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel and ORP Chair Jane Timken.  


During the roundtable, Trump asked the obligatory questions about what was on the donors minds? Entrepreneur Tony George, a major fundraiser for Trump in 2016 and local Teamster official Nick Nardi, expressed concern about the status of First Energy Solutions and its desire to shed its nuclear plants and the impact on Ohio jobs which is estimated to be nearly 50,000 direct or support jobs.


Trump wants to support coal and nuclear industry jobs and expressed frustration with his own administration’s Department of Energy for not implementing policy to support the energy industry.  Timken tried to change the topic, but George chimed back in, with Trump's encouragement, "No, I like to hear what is really going on in Ohio, keep talking," said the President.  The Timken Company, her husband's international steel firm, has not supported legislation in Ohio to keep coal and nuclear industries open. 


George, a supporter of defeated Gubernatorial candidate Lt. Governor Mary Taylor, went on to state that had it not been for Taylor, Trump's choice of Jane Timken would not have been State Chair, and criticized the party for working so strongly against her.  Timken dismissed the notion that Taylor had been all that supportive.  It made for an unconventional but entertaining discussion with the sitting President. 


Yo, Yo Yost


The word is State Auditor and candidate for State Attorney General Dave Yost is pretty much wetting his pants wondering if making ECOT the major issue for the November 2018 election was the best decision.  Rumor has it he is getting extremely nervous that he is going to lose against Dettelbach. 


The ECOT issue had pretty much died down from a media perspective once the school was closed, but Yost hastened to make it his premiere campaign issue by his increasingly ridiculous tweeting.  He is being torn apart by Democratic candidates and operatives for his press conference yesterday where he came off as nervous and confused.  The most passion he showed was when he praised ECOT graduates and said he would do it again in a heart beat.  


Who is this guy listening to???  Maybe Yost should start thinking before he tweets.


Uh Oh - Did you see this???


FBI Lovebirds Lisa Page and Peter Strzok Suggest Governor Kasich is Gay?


Note:  These are actors reading the original text.


Kasich video  Check out 3:07 - 3:19


Is Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper being pushed out?

The word is DC political operatives are sweeping in to take over the Democratic party for the November election.  Citing lack of fundraising and campaign infrastructure as a serious problem leading into the general election, individuals with strong community organizing skills and financial resources are entering the Buckeye state to take control. 


Is the Right to Life Endorsement for Sale?


3rd Rail has reported in the past that candidates were concerned about crossing Right to Life (RTL) President Mike Gonadakis on issues related to his other clients.  


This is Gonidakis’ client list.


We have now confirmed with three state legislators that when Gonadakis comes in to meet with them about one of his non RTL clients they always feel the unspoken influence of holding the all important Right to Life endorsement over their head.  


Before Gonadakis assumed the position of President, that position was considered a full time job.  


Now Gonadakis has a solid portfolio of clients he lobbies for as well as serving as a talking head for the statehouse political talk show circuit.


We have received more Share a Tips  on this issue than any other over the past year.


Is the Right to Life endorsement for sale?  Ask pro-life superwoman Christina Hagan.


Tom Z and the Tea Party


This Saturday the Tea Party, lead by Tom Zawistowski will hold a We the People Convention.  This is a post primary reset convention where they will discuss whether they should:  1) Leave the GOP 2) Join another political party or start a new one and 3) Abandon political parties and focus on issues instead.


The Tea Party's meeting comes at a good time given the recent primary election results that favored the GOP establishment.