Breaking: Scott Ryan’s Appointment as OHROC Chair Is a Bad Idea for Everyone

By Connor Brown

News out of the statehouse today is that the interim Speaker has appointed Newark State Representative Scott Ryan as Chairman of the embattled Ohio House Republican Organizational Committee (OHROC).  Here at 3rd Rail Politics we think that’s a terrible idea for Scott Ryan, his family, OHROC, and House Republicans.

Here’s why.

Unlike the Ryan Smith Super PAC’s Conservative Alliance PAC and the Honor and Principles PAC, 3rd Rail Politics won’t say or do anything to win.  In fact, we think there are many issues that are much, much more important than the politics of the day.

Family, for example.

Like many Ohioans, Scott Ryan and his family are struggling with the scourge of opiate addiction.  We’re not going to repeat the details, you all know the story. Thankfully, Mrs. Ryan is in treatment and seems to be doing well according to all reports.

Scott Ryan is a realtor along with being a State Representative.  But according to recently filed financial disclosure reports, his income between 2016 and 2017 has dropped considerably.  In 2016 he earned between $25,000 and $49,999 as a realtor.  While in 2017 he earned between $1,000 and $9,999.  

In 2016, his financial disclosure show that he and his wife owed 11 creditors, mostly credit card companies, over $1,000 each.  In 2017, the disclosure shows their debt increased to 13 creditors. Meanwhile, Mrs. Ryan is on unpaid leave from her teaching job and they have two daughters at home.  

We know that Scott Ryan is ambitious, and he’s wanted to chair this committee for some time.  Fair enough.

But with all of the problems with this committee and the leadership of Ohio House Republicans, along with the challenges Scott Ryan and his family are facing, now is not the right time.  

With all due respect Mr. Acting Speaker, give this job to someone else.  Some things are just more important than politics.