(L-R)  Cliff Rosenberger & Representative Dorothy Pelanda 


Rumor Rumor - Let the Lobbying for Speaker Begin

Lobbyists Pressing Legislators To Vote for their Choice for Speaker


In a striking sign of the times, a source just informed 3rd Rail that lobbyists are making calls to legislators to secure votes for the next Speaker. 


In just 24-hours our source received calls encouraging a vote for Representative Dorothy Pelanda (R-Marysville and best bud to Ginni Ragan), Representative Ryan Smith (R- Bidwell), Representative Andy Thompson (R- Marietta) and Representative Larry Householder (R-.Glenford).


In this Pay to Play environment with so much tainted legislation on the books and under consideration, lobbyist intervention in the Speaker’s race sounds like business as usual.


Lobbyists don't pick the Speaker, legislators do.