John Plecnik with Disgraced Speaker Cliff Rosenberger


Ohio House Candidate John Plecnik’s Legal Vendetta Continues

By Connor Brown


In February, 3rd Rail Politics introduced you to a legal and political disaster of a candidate, John Plecnik.  Mr. Plecnik’s only apparent qualification, as we have pointed out, is his willingness to support Ryan Smith in the race for Ohio Speaker.  


Mr. Plecnik styles himself as a veritable legal genius.   However, recent events in the Lake County Common Pleas Court certainly indicate otherwise.


To refresh your memory, Plecnik and a majority of the Willoughby Hills City Council don’t like the Mayor.  But instead of trying to defeat him in an election, Plecnik and his council cohorts have repeatedly exceeded their authority by passing outlandish ordinances to hamstring the city administration.


The Mayor took the City Council to court and the trial judge issued a blistering 18 page opinion ruling most of council’s actions to be void and illegal.  A link to the opinion is here.  


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A further hearing will be scheduled to assess attorney fees and costs against the defendants.  They better hope that the judge doesn’t decide to assess them personally for these shenanigans.


Plecnik, nevertheless, appears to be undeterred by this loss.  He stated in a recent interview that council will most likely appeal.  A quick look at the agenda for the April 5, 2018 City Council meeting shows a new ordinance to hire yet another law firm to appeal this decision.


As pointed out previously, Plecnik is a law professor but is not licensed to practice law in Ohio.  He is only licensed to practice in New York. But even in New York you don’t appeal a lawsuit when you win.


At the same time, 3rd Rail Politics can exclusively report that during the midst of these legal proceedings, someone apparently made an attempt to intimidate the legal counsel for Mayor Weger.  A copy of a police report filed on March 28, 2018 indicates that someone sent a suspicious package to the office of Joseph “Randy” Klammer.


A copy of the police report can be found here.  Because the investigation by Mentor Police is ongoing, no further information is yet available.  


Council meetings are a circus.  Citizens who criticize council members for their actions are shouted down or silenced by council.  Council regularly has police officers there and forcibly removes citizens that speak in opposition.  


Since January, the Mayor has vetoed 8 ordinances passed by City Council.  7 of those vetoes have been overturned by council. Now, 4 ordinances have been ruled illegal and void by the trial court.  


This is the guy that Ryan Smith believes can best represent Ohio House District 61.  He didn’t even consider the candidacy of former State Representative Jamie Callender.  


In fact, Ryan Smith, along with disgraced, resigned Speaker Cliff Rosenberger, have launched a vicious and false attack against Jamie Callender with their illegal Super PAC.  


See pics below:



We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again.  Ryan Smith will do anything, say anything, and back anyone; no matter how dangerous and destructive they may be, in order to become Speaker.  This same type of attitude has already cost Cliff Rosenberger the speakership and his house seat. Enough is enough.