By Connor Brown


Departing Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger was a member of the Legislative Advisory Board for GOPAC before they scrubbed him from their website.  Captured screenshot is below:



Its been well reported that the FBI is interested in a trip to Europe that Cliff took that was paid for by a GOPAC affiliate and which payday lenders may have helped finance.  Since the mainstream media is asleep at the wheel on this issue, 3rd Rail Politics is unraveling the money trail.


Take this for example:


Reports from the IRS show that Select Management Resources LLC, a parent organization for a title lender and Steve Dimon client, gave a whopping $80,000 to GOPAC last year.  Dimon and his business partner apparently accompanied Rosenberger on one or more of these trips.


Here are the relevant screenshots:




Link to the full report is here.


You will also notice in the screenshot that GOPAC received $52,000 from Anheuser-Busch’s Columbus operations.  You may recall that the beer giant employs former Rosenberger top aide Hunter Wright as one of its lobbyists.



Besides getting a great mortgage deal on a downtown condo from Ginni Ragan, Hunter Wright also is a lobbyist for payday lender Advance America.  And what do you know but they also gave a whopping $50,000 to GOPAC recently.



Link to full report is here.


So, besides travel, how does $182,000 in corporate contributions to GOPAC help Cliff Rosenberger?  We thought you would never ask.


GOPAC also has a federal hybrid PAC called the GOPAC Election Fund.  GOPAC sends money to this PAC and some of it has made its way back to OHROC, the OHROC Building Fund, and the Republican Senate Building Fund.




We dare say that this may turn out to be one of the ways that Rosenberger and Smith are moving money to help disguise contributions to both the Conservative Alliance PAC and the Honor and Principles PAC.  As 3rd Rail Politics has written previously, these two groups are Super PACs that are attacking Speaker Larry Householder and other Republican House candidates in contested primaries.