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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Our Share A Tip line is bursting with interesting intel from our readers.


Here are a few for your reading pleasure on this spring like April day.


Cocky Cliff 


Our source writes: I thought you guys might like these photos. First photo is the most ridiculous photo of Cliff and the Presidents from his Speaker’s office waiting room.  And if that wasn't enough to sum up how self-centered and full of himself he is, the second photo is my personal favorite. What a joke... 


Unity Caucus Dinner - More Lavish OHROC Spending


Shared the tip: There was a UNITY CAUCUS GOP dinner last night at Lindey's. But many of the more conservative members were not invited. Do we have yet another case of OHROC money being spent in the midst of an FBI investigation into OHROC misdeeds? I wouldn’t be spending and saving every red cent for tough general(elections) in the fall.


Who Is Vetting Schuring?


Anonymous shared the tip: Are you investigating speaker pro tempore Kirk Schuring's relationship to Ginni Ragan/Cliff Rosenberger/OHROC? He not only gave OHROC over $400,000 since 2012, he also gave them $200,000 just before being named speaker pro tempore. Like Ryan Smith, he lists gifts from Ragan and Rosenberger on his JLEC disclosure. Like Ryan Smith, he travels out of state more cheaply than you might think. He also accepted campaign contributions from William Lager. Of course, Schuring immediately defended Rosenberger in the paper...how dirty is Schuring!?


Anonymous shared the tip: Kirk Schuring also lists Virginia Ragan as a gift giver on his financial disclosure form. He was also on AT LEAST the following trips with Cliff Roseneberger: Feb 3-4, 2016 Key West, FL 20-Mar-17 Boston, MA 15-Jun-17 Baltimore, MD March 21-22, 2016 NY, NY 14-Jul-16 NY, NY April 8-10, 2017 Dallas, TX



Bonus Tip 


Shared the tip: One of the reasons he may be delaying his resignation is because the House pays its salaried employees (members and staff) a month in advance. In other words, the Speaker was paid at the beginning of April his entire salary for the month of April. If he resigned today, he would have to pay the state back for the time he didn’t serve. The Speaker of the House makes $94,437 a year. That is $7,869.75 a month. So if he made his resignation effective immediately, he would have to reimburse the state about $5,000. Why else would he stay in office during a month when the House is not meeting and he is turning over the reigns to a man who has served in the Statehouse since the Speaker was in elementary school?