(L-R) Interim Speaker Kirk Schuring, Representative Cliff Rosenberger, Representative Ryan Smith

Rumor Rumor:  House Chief of Staff Says Keep The Status Quo


A source has shared with 3rd Rail that House Chief of Staff Shawn Kasych held a staff meeting yesterday.  Kasych told the staff, "despite Cliff's resignation we should stay the course.  He basically said keep dong what we have been doing."


Our source continued, "Honestly doing what we have been doing didn't work so well?  So to continue doing that doesn't seem like a very good plan. I'd like to see our Chief of Staff, Speaker's Director, and Communications Director get the boot.”


It appears Rosenberger was just a puppet and corruption continues deep within the leadership of the Ohio House.  It is up to every elected legislator to clean up this mess and restore credibility or own the Pay to Play corruption themselves.