Rumor Rumor:  Bullying In The House


An anonymous source informed 3rd Rail that they believe Speaker Rosenbeger and Team Smithberger have denied a leave of absence for several House staff members that want to work for candidates that have not pledged their loyalty to Team Ryan Smith.


The source suggests leave was given to staff members who are running campaigns that have pledged loyalty to Representative Ryan Smith for Speaker.


Over three weeks ago, staff members who wanted to work for other candidates made requests for a leave of absence.  These request were ignored until finally Team Smithberger said they would let the aides know by March 20th.  The primary is May 8th.


Staff members have begun to resign from their jobs so they can work on Republican House campaigns.  A Share a Tip source said that legislators whose staff have resigned will not receive a new employee to support the legislator and the constituents they represent. 3rd Rail has been unable to confirm this information at this time.


3rd Rail was told that Graham Lescallette was given a leave of absence to run the Beth Eliss campaign in Speaker Rosenberger's 91st District seat (Clermont County), but as we can see from the following document Jacob Hupp was denied a leave.



Team Smitherberger is pulling out all the stops to maintain power in the Ohio House and these young Republican activists may well be victims of the scourge.